IxDA is a novel kind of "un-organization" and there is no cost for membership. IxDA relies on its passionate members to help serve the needs of the international Interaction Design community. Read about our initiatives here and then volunteer!

This initiative focuses on the central issues of the IxDA organization, including IxDA group and membership policy, finance and fundraising, communications, and branding. Work on this initiative usually involves working directly with or as the IxDA Board of Directors, shepherding global and local growth & sustainability of the organization.

The Communications initiative supports the operations and activities of IxDA through the identification, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of content and channels. Our aim is to help IxDA deliver on its principles of community engagement, transparency, and openness. In addition to written content, the Communications initiative develops brand assets for use by other initiatives, and the global IxDA community.

IxDA has a strong connection to higher education; this initiative is intended to foster curricula discussion and design, and to bring a peer to peer learning opportunity to IxDA members through mentorship. Has the aim to create a useful repository of curricula structure, lecture content, reading material, and other artifacts that, collectively, illustrate best practices for higher education of Interaction Designers and encourage the development of new interaction design programs. Additional focus is to create an organic system of mentors who are willing to work with community members, on a one-on-one basis, to help nurture and develop expertise in a specific area of Interaction Design.

This initiative is responsible both for supporting existing technical infrastructure, such as this new Drupal-based website, as well as new initatives. This team provides an opportunity for interaction designers to extend and provide technology that improves our community of practice. We're looking to create an IxDA Labs team where your visions can come to life.

IxDA has a vibrant network of Local Groups, supporting global yet regional community of interaction designers. This initiative supports the creation of Local Groups as well as the maintenance and ongoing care of these groups.

The IxDA Conference committee aims to provide a year-agnostic conference role, pulling together a team of community members to help create a sustainable cycle of conferences. In the short term, the Conference Committee will assist in planning processes around conference initiation, location selection, and planning. Longer term, the committee will capture insights gained from each conference - the major Interaction conference, and regional IxD conferences with which we're involved - and provide community members with a collection of resources with which a conference or event can be planned and staged.

IxDA is a global organization, with Local Groups all over the globe. Our new site supports translation and we welcome people who want to participate in expanding the reach of IxD.

Because the Discussion is a centerpiece of the IxDA community, this initiative covers moderation as well as community management. For the IxDA Resources area, this initiative supports curation of submitted Resources and management of tags and topics.

In pursuit of our mission to improve the human condition through the advancement of the discipline of Interaction Design, and to foster a community of interest to further that goal, IxDA actively encourages and nurtures relationships with other associations, institutions and businesses. This initiative coordinates these activities, ensuring the community of Interaction Designers enjoys the benefits of these relationships.