Become a Mentor

Your expertise and experience can help those just learning about Interaction Design, and acting as a mentor can be a rewarding and reflective experience. IxDA is an entirely volunteer-driven organization and we welcome your participation and interest in acting as a mentor.

We're especially open to mid-career mentors; practitioners with all levels of experience have something to offer others. Be aware acting as a mentor requires a large amount of time and dedication; you'll need to meet with your mentee at least once every few weeks (on the phone, in person, or via chat) and help them set - and achieve - goals. Consider if you actually have the time to dedicate to this before volunteering, as there's nothing more disappointing than a fly-by-night mentor.

In addition to a time contribution, a mentor might contribute:

  • Project guidance and support. Many of our mentees have questions about the quality of their work, the artifacts they make, and the processes they are asked to utilize in a workplace. Your input and guidance related to these items will help them increase their abilities.
  • Career guidance and support. Our mentees often have questions about how interaction designers grow, acquire new skills, and achieve a leadership position in a company.
  • Portfolio and job guidance. Some of our junior mentees simply need a direct critique to help them make their portfolios better, as they apply for various interaction design jobs and positions.
  • Networking. All of our mentees can benefit from your established network of contacts.

Still interested? Fill out the form below to request to be a mentor. We'll be in touch to hook you up with an eager "Mentee".

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