Conan update & design doc

Elizabeth Bacon

Hello IxDA,

In September, we announced the commencement of the implementation phase of IxDA’s major infrastructure project, ever-so-fondly named Conan. Since that time we’ve been working hard with Palantir, a specialist Drupal development company, on refining the detailed scope of the new website and nailing down our design specifications & requirements. That work represents a big step forward, and we’re pleased with the way it has progressed and resulted in a scalable web platform using the Drupal architecture.

The detailed picture we now have of the implementation effort has also afforded us with a better understanding of where and how development time is best spent. Along the way we’ve realized that the scope of work that we used to evaluate the potential development partners who responded to our RFP back in July is substantively different to what we’re now looking to implement. Based on that recognition, we have gone back and discussed the revised scope with Growing Venture Solutions (GVS), another leading Drupal development company & the other finalist in our initial search for a development partner.

Using what we now know, we believe that GVS is the better choice for this project to develop our infrastructure from this point forward, in order for the Conan project to deliver the most possible value to IxDA’s worldwide community. We hope you’ll join us in thanking Palantir for the work they have done to get us to this point. And we hope you will join us in welcoming GVS to the Conan project. Here’s their website: We’ll be starting production development with them shortly, and are estimating the effort to take about 12 weeks. With some good luck and wind at our backs, we could have the new website launched by Interaction’10!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to share the Conan Design Doc with you all: . This material represents the fruits of over 10 months of work from the all-volunteer IxDA Conan team. We investigated our community’s needs, developed user experience requirements, conceived interaction design & visual design solutions, and conducted a concept feedback round.

If you want to comment on what you see in this material, please talk about it here on list or feel free to send private feedback to me via email. We’ll see what we can do to prioritize new ideas or suggestions within the current project. Else, we’ll create a product backlog, as future extensibility is a HUGE cornerstone of our web platform strategy. Conan is by the community, for the community! :)

Thanks for your attention! Do let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to sharing more news and information as the project proceeds. Onwards & upwards!

Liz, IxDA Vice-President and Conan wrangler

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