IxDA infrastructure project selects Drupal

Elizabeth Bacon

Hi folks,

I also want to share the news that our IxDA infrastructure initiative has selected Drupal to provide the technical platform for our website redesign project.

We evaluated a range of content-management systems, both hosted and unhosted, proprietary and open-source, and kept returning to Drupal for a number of reasons. We love that it’s an open-source system, representing a philosophy akin to our own “un-organization”. We appreciate that it has a large developer community, comprising professionals who can help us make our vision into reality. We also like that it has many existing modules to serve our needs along with great capability to be extended. Additionally, we have IxDA members on our team with the capability to design and build at least several key planks of our new online home.

As Amyris wrote, we’re beginning the design phase of the project now and I encourage any of you to contribute ideas and thoughts for how we can deliver a much improved online experience to support our community of practice. Meanwhile, thanks to Drupal for being so rocking. Onwards & upwards!


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