What’s on our minds..? June board meeting report

Janna DeVylder

The board meet monthly by teleconference, usually in the first week of the month. During these meetings we discuss topics ranging from conference planning, to fundraising to progress on different initiatives. It’s important that we communicate what we do… so from this month we’ll be posting meeting reports here on the board blog.

This month we discussed infrastructure, fundraising, near-term priorities and longer term strategy. Check after the jump for details of who’s doing what, and what’s keeping us busy.


  • Analytics on ixda.org is go! (mail Jon for an account)
  • Board Blog is ported to wordpress (thanks Jon and Nasir!)


  • Date of the 15th could be problematic: its 2.5 weeks away..
  • need to be careful of not taking away from conference sponsorship
  • contact Jon wrt access to ixda.org site for fundraising info and material


Janna – need more detail wrt date change

Near Term priorities

what’s on our minds at the current point? what’s important in the short tearm for each of us?


  • need to find a virtual accountant


Bill - put it out to the community to find good people – work toward having someone in place by mid August


  • we need to work on making better volunteer incentives to participation
  • 2011 looking great – working with a number of places on high level ideas


  • Tonia Bartz (IxDA Phoenix) is now the local groups initiative community lead 
  • working on Local-group-in-a-box, and understanding better what the Local groups need to thrive
  • Putting together a model on Membership ideas (eg what does it mean to be a member?)
  • re-kick off the timeline project – look for a curating team – start small, get content then grow


  • building a communication map – pulling together around the fundraising effort!


  • maximising the retreat

Long Term Strategy

We will be holding a planning retreat in August this year. Research indicated San Francisco is the least expensive location.

  • Board members please book your travel for SFO 
  • Please be available Friday night (14 Aug) to have dinner together
  • Contact SF Local group to plan a local social event for Sat (15 Aug) night

Retreat Agenda

begin building this for the retreat on 15/16 August.. starting with:

  • IxDA as a service design, What does it mean to be a member?
  • revisit Manifesto – legitimacy of,  how to leverage, etc
  • volunteer incentives


Steve - look at where manifesto is communicated to bring to the retreat

Jeremy – contact SF local group

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