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Jeff Gothelf

Lean UX Workshop - Sep 26 - New York City

Hey folks - 

I just announced a 1-day Lean UX Workshop in NYC on Sep 26. Tickets went on sale today at:

I'd love to see you, your teams and your clients there. Huge thanks for your help in spreading the word as well. 




Designing for Imperfection

A couple days ago, I posted an article on UX Magazine about inexact design. It follows from the way I have been working for a long while, and some presentations I've given, but after reading some other work on electronics design and service availability (and talking with some other smart UX folks) I codified it a bit more.

Louis Rosenfeld

UX workshops in Mountain View, NYC, Washington DC


Hi all, sorry for the cross-duplication--just my once-a-season plug for Rosenfeld Media's upcoming UX workshop series ( ). As always, they're very practical and engaging, with lots of hands-on exercises, and intimate (typically capped at 50 per workshop). This season we've assembled an amazing line-up of day-long workshops and  instructors:

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