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Producing market leaders in their likeness: College contributions from entrepreneurs

Contributions to colleges are an important way of providing helpful capital to university students and to advance facilities to provide the best career start possible. ` Effective business people can help to develop the knowledge that was applied when they initially started their professional path by donating money to university organisations which need their support for their facilities, such as grants, brand-new infrastructure, and guest speaking positions. Listed below are 2 examples of entrepreneurs who have made sizeable contributions to universities to help young individuals to
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Kofi Aidoo

Call for Volunteers

Hi all,

I volunteer for a Charity Kite Flying event called FlyNY which is sponsored by NY Parks and Recreation and Architecture for Humanity( and I was hoping to recruit a volunteer or two to help me build a registration site. At the moment we doin't have very much support for web services and it would really help streamline the process if we could code our registration form ito web format and have a small database behind it.

The event website is here:  

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