Qualitative Research in NYC

Hey folks, what are your favorite qualitative research labs and resources in NYC? Saw an old thread for this with lots of broken links - also include resource links if there's a thread that I'm not seeing that has a solid list.

They can include any and all of these:

- screening + recruiting

- facilitation

- on-site facilities for 1:1 and/or focus groups

It's largely ethnographic to aid in the development of customer personas around a product's domain as well as brand insights on an existing product.


11 Oct 2012 - 3:16pm
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October 18: Game(storming) Night


Get hands on with gamestorming at this month’s IxDA Lansing meeting. We’ll be exploring an array of games by playing them ourselves. No experience is required, but we invite those who have gamestorming activities that they like or have wanted to try to bring them to add to those we’ll have in preparation for the evening.

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