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20 Jun 2013 - 9:33am
3 years ago
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edUi 2013 Conference

edUi 2013 Schedule Now Available


You'll find sessions on:
Responsive Web Design
Designing Themes for Worpress and Drupal
Using Analytics to Improve User Experience
Social Media Strategies to Improve User Experience
Content Strategies That Work On All Devices
Faster Development with Bootstrap
Discover Library Collections with Google Glass

You'll also find sessions on:
15 Jul 2012 - 1:32am
4 years ago
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Funding opportunities for interaction design graduate studies


I have a BA in Industrial design, I would love to pursue an IxD master's degree but there is a serious hurdle: they are expensive, but there might be a solution: Funding, but...

Fact:          There is a lot of funding opportunities if you are pursuing an engineering  or a science degree all around US and Europe, you have to look for research positions on their websites and/or get in touch with professors.

Question: Is there such opportunities for IxDers or designers in general ?

31 Aug 2011 - 4:54pm
4 years ago
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Studying at the Open University

I am about to start studying at the Open University (opens in new window), and picking modules that will increase my knowledge and progress my career as a UX designer. The modules cover cognitive psychology, technology and design. This is what I am looking at so far:

Level 2 modules

17 May 2011 - 12:50pm
5 years ago
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Jan Dittrich

IxD/ Human Centered Design Curricula and Philosophy

I am currently dealing with the question what students should be taught in in Interaction Design/ Human Centered Design and how the teaching should be done. For that reason I am in search for curricula and the philosophy behind them. Do you know of any resources?

For HCI there is e.g. the suggestion by the SIGCHI, which provides an extensive overview, but I could not find something like this for a design course.

29 Apr 2011 - 4:59pm
5 years ago
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Aspiring UXer, in a unique situation. Need advice!

Hi there,

I'm new to the community, thanks in advance for the welcome :) So I've been out of college since 07, and I'm in a pretty unique situation with my current role and I'd like some advice for how to proceed. 


edUi 2010 Conference

Join us in Charlottesville, VA this November for a unique conference on web design, user interface, user experience design and development for web professionals serving institutions of learning. IXDA members can save $100 off registration!


Why should Computer Scientists study Information Design or Interaction Design?

I know there has been prior discussion to some aspects of what I am going to ask, but the background is a little different this time.

-After a Masters in Computer Science, why should one pursue Masters degree in Interaction Design or Information Design? At a more abstract level,  why are design studies essential for Software or Computer Science guys?

- Isn't it possible for a Software guy or a Computer Science guy to get the required knowledge in the areas of Information design and/or Interaction design with experience?

3 Apr 2010 - 8:37am
Andy Polaine

Creative Waves - COTEN Call for Participants

Hi all - I know some of you can't bear the term service design, but I also know many of you (like me) find it very much akin to your IxD or UX work. I could do with some help spreading the word on a collaborative online project I'm running based on a series that we have done over annually called Creative Waves.

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