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shankar raman

How good a University is IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis) for a Masters degree in HCI

I am a UI designer currently working in India. I am looking to pursue a masters degree in HCI in the US this year. I have already applied to CMU, UMich, Indiana Bloomington and Univ of washington. As per my understanding, these universities have robust programs in HCI. I would like to know if Indiana University in Indianapolis is a good choice for MS-HCI. Any inputs will be helpful. Thanks.

Shruti M

Help me choose a HCI program


I have received admission offers from IUPUI and RIT for Masters in HCI. I have applied to Iowa State university as well.

I wanted to know which of them offers a better course. I 'm targeting an industry oriented course which will help me work in UI/UX design and evaluation field.

Please help me choose.



13 Mar 2012 - 1:11am
4 years ago
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Grad School: HCDE vs. HCI/d vs. Digital Media

I've recently been admitted to the Human Centered Design & Engineering MS program at University of Washington.  I was also admitted into the HCI/d program at Indiana University - Bloomington.  Still waiting on a decision from the Digital Media program at Georgia Tech.  

SO: if I was to get into all three programs,  which should I choose?  I'm leaning towards HCDE at UW at the moment - i want to be an Interaction designer if that helps...  

Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated!  Esp. if you went to one of these schools!


HCI Masters Programs: Georgia Tech v. Indiana Purdue v. Indiana Bloomington

Hello everyone. I am a soon-to-be HCI graduate student who is looking for some input and comments about certain M.S. in HCI programs that I have been accepted into. Before I talk about the schools, let me say a few things about my intended career path.

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