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27 Nov 2013 - 8:43pm
David Sless

Series of blogs on The Big Shift in Information Design

I'm writing a series of blogs on what I have called the Big Shift in information design. It might interest some of you on this list.


Facebook Timeline

Another link to maybe help start a discussion here ... On Facebook Timeline, and in doing so, suggesting we could design systems that usefully forget

I did a quick intervew with Nicholas Felton too:

17 Feb 2011 - 2:10am
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Interaction Design School

Can anybody recommend a good information design schools in Munich, Germany please? help :) Thanks. Spicegirl

12 Feb 2011 - 7:27pm
5 years ago
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Can anybody recommend interaction design/information design school in Munich Germany

I am going back to school after about 13 years working in professional field. Can anybody recommend information design school in Munich, Germany? 


7 May 2010 - 7:14am
6 years ago
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Prashant Dixit

Google's New Design

By now, I’m sure we all must have noticed the new design that Google recently rolled out. I somehow feel that the left hand sidebar filters can be designed better.  Even the transition from more search tools to fewer search tools does not seem to be very smooth. Google has been experimenting with this sidebar for many months now. I wish if there was an option to “turn off” this new sidebar. Though I really like the way more filters are given in search categories such as Images, Books etc.  Especially the color and type search in images is absolutely fundu.


Why should Computer Scientists study Information Design or Interaction Design?

I know there has been prior discussion to some aspects of what I am going to ask, but the background is a little different this time.

-After a Masters in Computer Science, why should one pursue Masters degree in Interaction Design or Information Design? At a more abstract level,  why are design studies essential for Software or Computer Science guys?

- Isn't it possible for a Software guy or a Computer Science guy to get the required knowledge in the areas of Information design and/or Interaction design with experience?

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