Qualitative Research in NYC

Hey folks, what are your favorite qualitative research labs and resources in NYC? Saw an old thread for this with lots of broken links - also include resource links if there's a thread that I'm not seeing that has a solid list.

They can include any and all of these:

- screening + recruiting

- facilitation

- on-site facilities for 1:1 and/or focus groups

It's largely ethnographic to aid in the development of customer personas around a product's domain as well as brand insights on an existing product.


6 Jan 2011 - 7:57am
5 years ago
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Graham Sear

Planning internal usability lab

We're setting up a small internal usability lab at work to use for usability testing and PET interviews. I'm planning to use 2 rooms: one for interviewer and participant and one for observer. We don't have a one-way mirror but I am intending to set up a video camera in the interviewing room to be streamed/broadcast to the observation room and screencast the laptop.

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