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7 Mar 2012 - 6:17am
4 years ago
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Jo Packer

Looking for an app to share and test Android App mockups

I'm working on an Android app. We have some flat mocks but I want to get them onto some Android devices to see how they feel and test out flows, labels and copy with people.

In the past on iphone I've used Prototypes by Duncan Wilcox. It worked pretty well for us. I could upload pngs then add hotspots and basic tranisitions. Once I was happy I uploaded the prototype to Prototypes server, got a key and entered that into the app on my iphone. Hey presto a tappable prototype on my iphone.


Test the ultimate website prototyping tool & win licenses - Suggestions for the beta

Serious about getting as much feedback as possible, Justinmind will launch several testing contests, both on MAC OS X and Windows, giving away free licenses of Prototyper as prizes.

This private beta will kick start starts tomorrow, on September 1st. Watch the trailer and register online to participate.

More info:

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