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7 Jan 2011 - 6:43am
3 years ago
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Al Di

PhD Position for Interaction design with focus on new media


I'm Studying master of interaction design and I will graduate from Malmo university, Sweden in June/July 2011 and I'm looking for PhD in the US.I'm looking for PhD position in interaction design with focus on New media.

9 Mar 2010 - 4:23am

[REPORT] New Provocative Courseware for New Media / Interactive Media Design

Dear  Member
I completed the first result of new innovative method in interactive design education.


how to give a start for you innovation !

As a creative web designer, you will probably jobless in the near future; because variety of web layouts, iconography and interactivity has already invented and tested within the past 20 years. You may only experiment new graphic styles; but not more then that…  Regardless, your boss, your customers or the users still demand on your innovations to be impressed, but it isn’t so easy as before.

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