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Christopher Rider

[EVENT] Interactive Spaces - Art, Design & Engineering

Interactive Spaces - Art, Design & Engineering

Join IxDA Los Angeles for an evening of stimulating discussion with six local artists, designers and architects, all of whom are helping to define boundary between art and design. Five brief presentations and a panel discussion on the nature of design, the challenges of the built environment, navigating bureaucracy, and your questions.

This event will fill up FAST, so RSVP at now to secure a spot!

Nasir Barday

Gretchen Anderson - The Importance of Facial Features

The tactile controls of an electronic, interactive product form its most recognizable aspects, or “facial features.” Choosing which controls to use and how they appear has an enormous impact on the impact the product makes on first impression. The process of deciding on your product’s facial features is tricky; a team must collaborate closely across multiple disciplines to determine what controls are needed, how they should appear and how they relate to the product’s form.

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