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Jeff Gothelf

Lean UX Workshop - Sep 26 - New York City

Hey folks - 

I just announced a 1-day Lean UX Workshop in NYC on Sep 26. Tickets went on sale today at:

I'd love to see you, your teams and your clients there. Huge thanks for your help in spreading the word as well. 



28 May 2014 - 10:21am
Adrian Howard

[ANN} Balanced Team Salon, London, May 31

Hey folks,

I thought this would be of interest to this group.

On Saturday May 31st, a group of poly-skilled developers, designers, researchers, academics, entrepreneurs and product managers will be meeting. Come join us. You can get tickets

If you’re interested in Lean Startup, Agile, Lean, Agile UX, Lean UX, Devops, Customer Development – and anything else that values multi-disciplinary collaboration and iterative delivery of value – you’ll find this of interest.

31 Aug 2010 - 2:42pm

Deliverable - PM - UX - Developpers

Hi all,

As the unique UX practitioner in my company and trying to evangelize the UCD process; I was asked to create a document to share with the product management team in order to help the development team to evaluate accurately the development timeframe needed.

Like many of you, I work with Low and Hi fi. Wireframes, Mockups, Interaction Design descriptions, etc.

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