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New book available (for free!) - Wicked Problems: Problems Worth Solving


I'm pleased to announce the availability of my next book, provided for free in its entirety online at


[IxDA] Call for student applications: Masters in Design for Social Innovation, SVA

Over the past two or three years I've had conversations with many people on this list (at conferences and workshops, through email, etc.). I gather that *lots* of people in the design / research / interaction / UX / anthrodesign / IA / product / communications bundle of practices are pondering how they can work in areas other than corporate jobs, consumer products and services, etc.


Nasir Barday

Jon Kolko - Keynote: My Heart is in The Work

In 1900, Andrew Carnegie quietly declared that his “heart is in the work” – that he had found an endeavor worth pursuing, and that he would passionately follow-through on that endeavor until it was complete. We interaction designers feel that passion on a daily basis, as we’ve found ourselves at the heart of industry, policy, and culture. Our endeavors are worth pursuing and we approach them with the whole of our hearts. We build the artifacts and frameworks that support engagement, that keep us entertained, aroused, engaged and productive.

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