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How do I start a career in IxD? (already have bachelor's, but not in design)

Hi IxDAers,

What would you recommend for someone interested in getting started with interaction design, but who already has their bachelor's?

My plan was to make a website and gradually fill it through designing my own projects (or volunteering if I can find something nearby), but first I wanted to know if there was a better way of going about this.

If it's relevant, I have degrees in Cognitive Science and Studio Art, can teach myself programming languages, and have some experience with counseling and scientific research.

19 Oct 2010 - 4:13pm
5 years ago
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how do I become employable?

HI all:  I tried posting this question some time ago but got very few responses.  Hopefully this title is catchier!

I'm transitioning from many years of no career in particular, to a developing interest in Interaction Design and Information Architecture.  I'm currently pursing a masters in Library and Information Science. 

Most job postings I've read want at least 3-5 years of experience.  HOW DO I GET THAT??  How do I start to get the experience I need so that eventually I will be attractive to employers?

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