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29 Mar 2011 - 1:03pm

University of Baltimore IDIA Program

AS a recent graduate from a 4 year college (and a huge dork), I started looking at graduate programs in Interaction Design. I was accepted into the University of Baltimore IDIA masters program for the fall of this year. I have very little experience with IXD but it is a field I could see myself in for a long time. 

I have a couple questions that I am hoping someone can answer. I know there are already posts on these topics but I am hoping for some more specific answers- 

5 May 2010 - 4:15pm
6 years ago
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University of Baltimore IDIA Student Feedback

Hello everyone,

I have decided to go to the University of Baltimore and have officially enrolled as a new grad. student for the Fall 2010 semester.

If you are a current student at U.Baltimore in the IDIA masters program, please share with me your feedback on:  the program, classes, professors, research opportunities, conference opportunities, if you recieved an assistantship, and other information you would like to share!

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