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27 Nov 2013 - 5:38am
2 years ago
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Vicky Teinaki

User Research Recruiting

Hi all,

I've been asked to do some remote testing and have to find some Irish small business owners/people doing the finances in small biz. We thought our remote testing tool would let us do the screening but it turns out it's UK only, which has let us in the lurch as we need results in the next week. Any advice as to either recruiters to use or places to find these people? (Or, *cough* if anyone fits the profile, please let me know….) We need five people (two of one type and three of another) so it's not a huge number but a number.



11 Nov 2013 - 5:56pm
2 years ago
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Adrienne Herren

Usability Testing Company Recommendations

Hey guys,

Does anyone have a website or company they recommend for some down and dirty user feedback? I don't need great depth to this testing nor want to pay a fortune. I would like the ability to specify a few tester demographics such as: male, ages 35-50, moderately tech savvy and considering a car purchase.

30 Apr 2013 - 9:34am
3 years ago
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Online User Testing

I'm wondering if and what you guys use for quick (and relatively cheap) online user testing. I know there is and Does anyone have any experience with these or can you recommend any others?



29 Apr 2013 - 12:15pm
Eva Kaniasty

Usability Testing Class in Cambridge, MA - May 9 and 16

I will be teaching an in-person class on Usability Testing at General Assembly in Cambridge (Kendall Square) next month. This is a foundations class for those who wish to master the process of planning, conducting, and analyzing usability testing data. 

26 Mar 2013 - 9:39am
3 years ago
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Best Way for Prototyping Designs in User Testing and for Pitches

Just curious to know what everybody uses to prototype their designs when user testing, and when presenting clients, or giving pitches to potential investors. I've seen a multitude of different resources used for user testing; anything from interactive pdfs, paper renderings, coded mock-ups and fully built software.

What sort of tools do you use for prototyping, and do those tools change with the device you're testing for?


PROPOSAL: Remote User Testing - LET'S TRADE! - I'll show you mine if you show me yours

Fellow IxDA colleagues, interaction peers, and UX design nutjobs!

LET'S SWAP USER TESTS!! (Hey, baby... I'll test your app if you test mine!)

So, like in this community, I'm an Interaction/UX designer working on an app. We're trying to get some good hands-on user testing and as a UX guy, I'm keen on getting that extra critical feedback only possible from keen IxD peeps such as yourself.

Whadaya say???

Please DM me at Jackson at and we can take it from there.

3 May 2012 - 3:19pm

external User Recruiting

Hi all,

just wondering if anyone has used an external agency to recruit users for usability testing; and if you would all be kind enought to share an agency you had a good experience with.




Local Meetup the 27th of march at Geneva > Remote User testing Avantages, limitation and usage

Dear list members,

UXRomandie (an IxDA local) is meeting up next week for a few drinks and a talk on Remote User Testing 101.

As the talk will be in French, the rest of this email is in French. But don't hesitate to contact me off the line to discuss what we are doing at UXRomandie or if you're an English speaker in French Switzerland. You are more than welcome to meet with us, as most of our participants speaks perfect English.



Nous vous convions au prochain rendez-vous UX Romandie. Cette réunion se tient le 27.03 à L'université de Genève.

9 Jan 2012 - 3:48pm
4 years ago
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Kimberly Cassidy

User Testing Recruiting in NYC

Are there any recruiting firms in New York City that you can recommend for user testing?

10 Jun 2011 - 1:55am
5 years ago
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Need advice on an unorthodox methodology

So, I'm doing a brief contract for a rather large, multinational software company located near Seattle (ahem) and I've been asked to critique a methodology I've never come across before. Clearly it's been put together on the fly a la MacGyver invention, and I'm not entirely sure it'll get the results they think it will, so I figured I'd ask more knowledgeable folk. The methodology is something of a cross between a focus group (ugh) and a feature presentation. They're calling it a Concept Verification Test, and the sessions will go something like this:

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