MJ Broadbent

Interaction11 Video: Keynotes

Hi everyone,

Video is now available for all seven Interaction11 keynote presentations. In program order:

2 Feb 2011 - 4:24pm
5 years ago
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Best Practices: Play, Pause, Stop etc.


I'm having trouble finding discussions about transport controls. how do people feel about Play changing to Pause or Stop instead of using separate buttons?

  • Do Pause and Stop have universally understood meanings?
  • What is the difference between them?
  • What do people prefer regarding Rewind and Fast Forward -- when should they jump to the next unit, marker, or section instead of shuttling?


13 Dec 2010 - 10:27am
Ben Arent

DEFUSE: Design for Use - A local IxDA Dublin event. Now on YouTube.

Last month IxDA Dublin organised a event called DEFUSE.  Its based on the Ignite talks, but ours was just people in the IxD,  UX, IA world.  It was a great event, with a full house of 350 people.

6 May 2010 - 8:49am
5 years ago
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Marty DeAngelo

Closed Caption on Mobile Video?

A client we are working with is coming up with a project with a lot of content presented in video, and they want to make sure that a mobile audience can see the videos as well.  We're investigating the best way to present mobile to both a desktop and mobile audience but one of the concerns was how to offer an text-based alternative for those who need it.

30 Mar 2010 - 8:43am
6 years ago
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Flash Video Players

Hi all,

Is there any patterns or best practice examples for flash video players on corporate sites?
We are running out a project on the company I work for and one of the assets will be the development of a new universal player for the company site, so it would be good to see if anyone have done any study or have any examples in place already.

Thanks a lot.

19 Mar 2010 - 9:46pm
5 years ago
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Fred Celestino

Youtube new interface

Hello there,

Anyone noticed the redesign on Youtube's player page? I would like to ask what your views are on that.

With plenty of mouse-over events, fade in-outs, reorganized information and the end of internal scroll bar for related content, I personally think it's a good and strategic step towards HTML 5 capabilities that will soon be official and support video plus richer design patterns. But that's just a quick superficial analysis.



4 Mar 2010 - 7:50am
6 years ago
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Best practice and/or thoughts on using videos in e-commerce website?


I'm looking for inspiration on how to use video in a "new and creative way".

My client has acknowledged the importance of video. (Great!) and would like to use video in a new and improved way on their e-commerce site! (But how!?)

So, here I am... Looking for best practices on using video in both product presentation AND in order to generate traffic to the website. The site is a large e-commerce site with all kinds of products to your house; from furniture to arts and crafts... 

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