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Visual UI Designers - where are they all hiding?

My job as a recruiter within this very specific area is made somewhat harder by the fact that it's becoming increasingly difficult to find fresh candidates for the roles I have to offer. Surely there's got to be more cracking Visual Designers out there looking for work?

As a fellow recruiter, or even as a generally helpful person, can anyone out there direct me to websites (such as behance) where users are free to browse profiles and contact their owners? Or perhaps, does anyone know of any good online communities of user interface designers ?

10 May 2011 - 5:44pm
5 years ago
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nancy ann falkenburg
2010 visual user interface designer

we are looking for rockin' visual interface designer for  

will relocate (from New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, Chicago -- anywhere we find great talent :) 

please contact me for details: nancy falkenburg,

( )

iPhone: 650/336.3645



JOB LOCATION: Mountain View, California 94040 (650 area code)

JOB TITLE: Senior Visual Interface Designer (71214) 


16 Jan 2011 - 2:58pm
5 years ago
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Tasha D

Checkout processes

Currently I'm working on checkout processes in online shopping, if you are aware of some e-commerce sites which provides some great user experience or interactions, I would love getting your input and ideas.

Thanks in advance ___ Tasha


Final Reminder: Seeking study participants to share thoughts about web interface design

This is a final reminder for a study invitation originally posted on June 16, 2010.

Since participation in the survey is confidential, I have no way of knowing if you have chosen to not participate. If this is the case, please forgive this posting.

If you had intended to participate, but have not done so, please consider this reminder.

URL to start survey:

23 Apr 2010 - 9:40am
6 years ago
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Uday Gajendar

[JOB] Looking for rockstar designers to join me at Citrix!

Hi folks, I’m looking for star designers to join me at Citrix in Santa Clara :-) I recently joined as a Principal Designer to help our VP of Design (who came from Salesforce) create design excellence in the enterprise. We’ve got a mandate from the CEO to “simplify, unify, and consumerize” our geeky IT apps into products that are cool, vivid, engaging, and reinventing how people work.

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