We are a community of leaders.

IxDA relies on individual initiative, contribution, sharing and self-organization to achieve our goals. Meet some of the individuals from our community who have taken on leadership roles.

IxDA Board

The IxDA Board is a group of individuals nominated from the community. They guide IxDA's strategic direction with input from local leaders, initiative leads and the community at large. Members serve staggered two-year terms.

Initiative Leads

Our flagship initiatives all start the same way: a flicker of an idea fanned into action by dedicated volunteers. Meet some of the individuals from our community who carry the work forward.

Regional Coordinators

IxDA's Regional Coordinators encourage and sustain the growth of local groups internationally. They are nominated from the IxDA community and volunteer their time to keep local groups active and supported.

Birgit Geiberger Boersma

Board of Directors

Birgit is an independent creative director, UX and design strategist with a great passion for design and people. She uses her design skills to improve people’s lives by raising the quality of user experiences and finding innovative solutions for products & services.

She has actively supported the global design community for many years and with equal passion for a number of initiatives: in 2010 she founded the IxDA Hamburg chapter, in 2011 she was a founding team member of the Interaction Awards as Co-Chair Outreach Europe, from 2012-2016 she was IxDA’s Regional Coordinator for Europe, and in 2016 she joined the IxDA Board of Directors.

Birgit was born and raised in Hamburg, but in her nearly twenty years of professional experience she has also lived in Seattle & Prague, and now lives and works in Amsterdam.

Alok Nandi

Vice President
Board of Directors

Born in Congo from Indian parents, raised in Zaïre, based in Brussels, Alok Nandi has studied engineering, management and film. As a designer and creative director, he works in hybrid and multiple contexts, via Architempo. He is dealing with storytelling in multiple media, space and technologies. His experiences include Procter & Gamble as well as interactive creative director at Casterman (publisher of Tintin) and groupe Flammarion. Alok is a lecturer as well as regular speaker at conferences (incl. TEDx). He has launched Pecha Kucha Brussels and also initiated the Belgian presence of IxDA. Alok co-chaired Interaction14 in Amsterdam.

Boon Yew Chew

Board of Directors

Boon is an Experience Design manager at SapientNitro, where he helps large companies solve complex and messy problems towards improving the human condition. He has been actively involved in UX communities through leadership, mentorship, and participation and has been a local leader for IxDA's London chapter since 2012. As a prolific sketchnoter and visual thinker, his work has covered dozens of events and has taught visual thinking to audiences worldwide. He was born and raised in Malaysia, studied engineering in Kansas, and now resides in London.

Brenda Sanderson

Executive Director
Board of Directors

Brenda is an association executive and designer living and working in Montréal. She was previously Managing Director of ico-D. Brenda has worked in more than 25 countries—bridging cultures, language and timezones to use design for progressive change since 2005.

Her work for Nova Scotia Tourism was twice awarded the Canadian Advertising Campaign of the Year and she has received the Kenneth R Wilson award from the Canadian Business Press. She designed Canada's identity for Expo 2000.

Brenda is a member of the Mandela Poster Project Collective (MPP), a founding board member of Data Interoperability Standards Consortium (DISC) and an avid runner.

Danielle Malik

Board of Directors

Danielle Malik currently runs a design studio called Design Equation, which pairs junior designers with nonprofits and early-stage startups in a mentored environment. Prior to founding this company, she has flexed her design & leadership muscles in a variety of roles: Instructor at General Assembly, Product Design Manager at Facebook, Principal of UX at Hot Studio, and many other engagements great and small.

She has been chronically active in the UX community, planning and organizing many professional events and conferences. She founded the IxDA San Francisco chapter in 2008, which today features more than 4000 members.

Dr. Molly Wright Steenson

Co-Chair, Interaction Awards
Initiative Lead

Dr. Molly Wright Steenson is an associate professor at the Carnegie Mellon School of Design. Her book Architecting Interactivity will be published by MIT Press in Fall 2017. Previously, Steenson was an assistant professor in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, associate professor at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in Italy, and an adjunct at Art Center College of Design. She started working with the Web in 1994 at a number of prominent technology companies. She holds a PhD in architecture from Princeton and a Master's of Environmental Design from Yale School of Architecture.

Erico Fileno

Latin America
Regional Coordinator

Strategic Designer, Service Innovation Leader, UX Global Shaper, Startup Mentor & Professor.

Erik Dahl

Board of Directors

As an independent researcher and designer, I work with companies to envision and create products or services that connect more meaningfully with people's lives. In addition to my design work, I co-founded the Midwest UX conference in 2010 as a way to strengthen the Midwest regional design community and create a place for distributed practioners to create connections at a human scale. I've been deeply involved with community development through the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) as a local leader in Columbus and now I currently serve as President of the global IxDA community.

Fred Beecher

Co-Chair, Interaction Design Education Summit
Initiative Lead

Fred Beecher has been working in User Experience since 1998. In that time he’s seen UX mature from a field struggling to prove its value to one driving an explosion of innovation and economic growth. To help feed the ever-increasing demand this explosion has sparked, Fred designed and implemented the UX apprenticeship program at The Nerdery in Minneapolis, MN where he is currently the Director of User Experience and Design. Fred is an established contributor in the UX world. In 2007, he authored the first official Axure training program. He has written and spoken extensively about prototyping, iterative design, and UX career development.

Gilles Demarty

Regional Coordinator

Gilles is a French Interaction Designer currently living in Switzerland, with more than 10 years of experience in the design field.

He has been promoting Interaction Design whereever he goes. In the last 6 years, he created two IxDA Local chapters, first in Lyon (France) in 2009 and then in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 2012. He also helped build the program of the Interaction14 conference in Amsterdam, and orchestrate UX Lausanne, a yearly European conference in Switzerland since 2014.

A true believer of the IxDA mission, he sees the local groups around the world as the main instrument to achieve it.

When he is not working, Gilles captures details from the world around him, and cooks awesome vegetarian meals.

Jay Dutta

Asia & Oceania
Regional Coordinator

Jay Dutta, abbreviated to JD, heads User Experience discipline for Flipkart - India's largest (and arguably the most visible) e-commerce brand. For over half a decade, he led and grew the UX practice at Adobe India, covering a diverse spectrum of Adobe products and digital platforms.

Jay has consistently built high-performance teams in digital product design and branding domains that have delivered time-critical multi-million dollar projects. In his new role, his design team will be responsible for creating the next-gen experiences across Flipkart's multiple consumer facing digital-touch points.

An alumnus of NID, Jay has an MSc in Design Management from UK, has been a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, London. He is on the Board of Advisors for Nasscom's UX Centre of Excellence, a Mentor for D.Labs at the Indian School of Business and Asia Pacific Regional Co-ordinator for IxDA.

Living and working across diverse geos such as UK, US, India, Ireland, China, Madagascar, Germany and South Africa, gives Jay a deeper appreciation for diverse cultures.

John Payne

Co-Chair, Interaction17
Initiative Lead

John Payne is Managing Director at Moment, a digital strategy and design consultancy he co-founded in 2002. Moment’s clients include Bloomberg, ESPN, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, The Weather Channel and American Express. John brings a human-centered approach to the design of systems where software and social complexity come together to make things interesting. His current work explores the positive contribution that interaction design can make to healthcare experiences, with a focus on patient empowerment and participation in management of chronic disease. Educated at Auburn University and Institute of Design at IIT (the New Bauhaus), John has created and taught graduate and undergraduate courses in design methods at Parsons and NYU. He is a past co-chair and current advisor to EPIC and sits on the board of Public Policy Lab, a non-profit service design consultancy dedicated to creating more helpful public services for low-income and disadvantaged Americans.

Josh Clark

Co-Chair, Interaction17
Initiative Lead

Josh Clark is founder of Big Medium, a design agency specializing in connected devices, mobile experiences, and responsive web design. Josh is author of several books, including “Designing for Touch” and “Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps.” He speaks around the world about what’s next for digital interfaces. Before the internet swallowed him up, Josh was a producer of national PBS programs at Boston’s WGBH. In 1996, he created the “Couch-to-5K” running program, which has helped millions of skeptical would-be exercisers take up jogging.

Kevin Budelmann

Board of Directors

Kevin is interested in design theory and practice in business, technology, and society.

President of Peopledesign, a design innovation firm. Past president of APDF (Association of Professional Design Firms) and AIGA West Michigan.

BFA Design from Carnegie Mellon. Among the winners of an Apple international student design competition. Attended The School for Design in St. Gallen, Switzerland and executive education program at Harvard Business School. Masters of Design Methods from the IIT Institute of Design.

Teacher, writer, and speaker on design and innovation. Co-author of "Brand Identity Essentials," now in six languages. An adjunct professor at Northwestern University.

Liz Danzico

Co-chair, Education, Interaction17
Initiative Lead

Liz is creative director for NPR, whose mission is to work in partnership with member stations to create a more informed public. She is chair and co-founder of MFA Interaction Design at SVA, one of the world’s top design schools. She often sees parallels between raising her dog and practicing design.

Michelle Berryman

Board of Directors

Michelle is the Managing Director of Strategy & Innovation at LiquidHub. Her practice centers on guiding the vision and innovation efforts for digital customer experience with websites, social channels, e-commerce, software, portals and applications. She envisions and builds meaningful customer experiences across channels within the digital ecosystem and in the physical world.

Michelle is a Fellow in the Industrial Designers Society of America, has served as IDSA President and was recently named one of the 50 Most Influential Designers of the last 50 years by the membership. In addition to IxDA, she serves on the board for Good Design Australia.

Thomas Kueber

Co-Chair, Interaction Awards
Initiative Lead

Thomas leads the product organization of banbutsu.com - a Berlin based start-up dedicated to the internet of things - by day and is occupied with running IxDA Berlin at night. To bring interaction design to an even bigger audience he as well co-founded UXcamp Europe, a 500 participant free conference that brings together designers, researchers and developers from all over the world every summer. Thomas is passionate about humanizing technology ever since he got his hands on his first Commodore 64 and never gets tired of speaking about it at conferences, workshops or kitchen-tables. While his professional work regularly takes him to all the right and wrong places across Europe, the US and Asia he as well enjoys his Kreuzberg backyard on a sunny day, a good bass-heavy tune from his kitchen speakers and an occasional sip of crisp white wine.

Antti Onttonen

Developer, ixda.org
Initiative Lead

Antti is a senior interaction designer and UI developer. He has over ten years of experience in developing digital services and applications. Antti has been active in IxDA Helsinki local group and was responsible for Interaction16 digital channels.

Ahmed Riaz

Co-Chair Student Design Competition
Initiative Lead

Riaz is a user experience designer with a background in developing physical and digital products, an expertise in visual thinking and a passion for making systems that dissolve into behavior.

Educated as an industrial designer and design strategist, he has over a decade of experience leading and collaborating with diverse teams to bring big ideas to life.

Currently he works as a creative director at frog. While not working for fortune 500 companies he can be found developing tools to inspire design play in children around the world, giving talks on the craft of ideation or sketching character designs for multilingual storytelling.

Wayne Coughlan

Africa & the Middle East
Regional Coordinator

Wayne Coughlan is from Cape Town, South Africa and is a co-local leader for IxDA Cape Town. He teaches in the Graphic Design Program of the Faculty of Informatics & Design at Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Ana Domb

Co-Chair Student Design Competition
Initiative Lead

Ana Domb Krauskopf is the director and founder of the Interaction Design School at Veritas University in Costa Rica, the first IxD graduate program in Central America. Previously she was the Director of Brand Innovation at Almabrands in Chile where she still teaches at the Universidad del Desarrollo. In the US, she worked in user experience research at THE MEME, a design consultancy based out of Cambridge with clients including Samsung and LG.She holds a Master's degree in Comparative Media Studies from MIT, where she was a researcher with the Convergence Culture Consortium under the direction of Henry Jenkins.

In past lives she’s worked as a journalist, filmmaker and music producer. She has consulted with Turner Broadcasting and Comcast, as well as working beside anthropologist Grant McCracken.

Viriginia Cagwin

North America
Regional Coordinator

Virginia Cagwin is an Interaction Designer working for Slalom Consulting in Atlanta, GA. She started her design career has a graphic artist working on brands such as McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins. She’s worked for startups and Fortune 500 companies over the last 15 years focusing on enterprise software.

Virginia has been a member of IxDA since it's inception as an email group. She has been a Local Leader for both Atlanta and London groups. While living in London, she was apart of the Core European team to support on-boarding new IxDA groups and bringing awareness of IxDA's mission.

Eduardo Aguayo

Latin America
Regional Coordinator

Eduardo is from Santiago, Chile, and is a co-leader for the local IxDA group, were he served as co-chair for ISA16's organization team. He is a User Experience Consultant, graduated in Social Communications and Journalism and Master Degree (c) in Information Processing and Management. He works as independent consultant and as project manager on his own consultancy studio, 3DIAS. Also, he servers as teacher in academic programs and workshops for professionals.