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13 Nov 2003 - 6:01pm
Josh Seiden

FW: [usability-pr] Boston PR Event

Thought you all might be interested in this post from
another list...

Usability-pr is a low traffic list with some goals that
overlap with those of this list.


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Hi All,

Hope your human factors and usabi

13 Nov 2003 - 4:55pm
Dave Malouf

RIA e-mail list (was RE: task flow pattern question)

<self promotion>
I run a small and currently not to active list dedicated to RIAs (rich
internet applications; ala macromedia).
Based on the examples mentioned below and the iHotelier stuff people spoke
about before, I would like to encourage people who are particularly
interested in the RIA stuff to join my list and talk about it there from not
only the ID perspectives, but the other elements that surround RIAs.

You can go to http://webgui.htmhell.com to learn more.

Say Hi when you subscribe.

13 Nov 2003 - 4:41pm
12 years ago
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Christian Simon

RE: Survey result interpretation

Reading some of these discussions I am so excited, I feel like starting my
own group at my local ACM chapter. I've enjoyed reading these discussions
and I participate when I feel that I can contribute. If you haven't read
much from me its just because I have not had much to say, but I appreciate
every post.

The posting regarding the Flash one screen hotel reservation deign was
particularly interesting to me. I've been researching for examples of simple
interaction schemes and this provides me with additional examples that are
difficult to find.

13 Nov 2003 - 12:47pm
12 years ago
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Bennett, Louise

To hide or not to hide

Here's a question I'm facing re an upcoming product release - I've picked a way to go but am hoping you guys (and girls) can validate it for me.

We have built a product that is going to be offered in 2 flavours - Standard (very limited features, but enough to satisfy simple use cases), and Advanced (lots of features satisfying very complex use cases).

PM believe that maybe 20% of the users who download the Standard product from the web site will ultimately migrate to the Advanced version (this % hasn't been based on any real user studies; its pretty much just their best guess).

13 Nov 2003 - 6:44am
12 years ago
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Alex Bainbridge

Patterns / best practice guidelines

Hi all

I wonder if the list has any views as to the difference between a pattern
and a best practice guideline.

Nielsen creates guidelines, I create guidelines (some would say, and they
are very specific for the travel industry) while others create patterns?

Jenifer wrote:

>(1) more patterns in general, covering more of the design space,
>(2) more low-level patterns, which would address smaller-scale
design problems?

Is a pattern a generic top level design solution / concept whereas a
guideline is the application of a pattern to a specific situation?

13 Nov 2003 - 3:09am
Jonas Löwgren

More on survey result interpretation

I agree with Nick Ragouzis' 1-2-3 analysis and what I meant by quoting
the numbers from the survey was exactly that: 39% in favor of starting a
new org, the rest not explicitly in favor of starting a new org. In a
situation like this, a 'don't care' answer has to be counted as a 'not
convinced of the benefits of starting a new org, otherwise I would have
checked that one.'

It is also interesting to think about the topical threads that are
starting to develop on this list (subscribers posting problems from
current practice to acquire input from peers).

12 Nov 2003 - 8:54pm
12 years ago
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Josh Seiden

"focus not on membership"


In a variety of posts recently, you've said something
like this:

"AIFIA has made certain to focus not on membership but
on furthering information architecture."

Could you explain a little bit what you mean by this,
and what you think are the implications?


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12 Nov 2003 - 6:42pm
12 years ago
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Consumer vs. Corporate products

It is well known that there is often more money in
selling tech products to corporates than to individual

It is also often true that the buyers at corporations
are not the users. They are usually looking to buy a
product that satisfies a check-list of requirements.
The usable (but poorly designed) product that
satisfies this list will be given more or less equal
weight to a well-designed product. The poorly
designed product will win a deal, if marketed well

One may argue that productivity costs will make users
revolt. Not really.

12 Nov 2003 - 5:57pm
Dave Malouf

"Dating for IA"

Hey there folks.
This came up from the AIfIA list.
I say about 60% of this overlaps with ID processes.

12 Nov 2003 - 12:42pm
12 years ago
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Jon-Eric Steinbomer

non-linear progress indicator

Hello All,

I'm currently re-designing an application with the requirement that the
user be informed of their progress within a given process. All of the
individual processes save one are linear. Currently the linear
processes' progress is indicated in a "step x of x" manner (with the
non-linear showing no progress indicator).

Clearly, the stepped scheme will not work for a non-linear process as it
could be 5 steps or 10, depending on which decision path is taken, so
there could be no indication of how many steps fill follow step 1.