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17 Feb 2004 - 8:44pm
12 years ago
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Christian Simon

Looking within...

...for a finer point on HCI disciplines. Like many internet practitioners,
I've read the current discussions regarding social software and to a lesser
extent blogging phenomenon. Watching these new ideas develop into
businesses, I'm asking myself what drives their development? I know of
examples in business and marketing process that drive development. What are
they in HCI?

Not more then a few weeks and the windows source code leak is critiqued and
blog fodder. Like a collective on-line human factors research study.

16 Feb 2004 - 3:25pm
Juhan Sonin

Open Position: Sr. User Interface Engineer @ MITRE in Bedford, MA

Open Position for Senior User Interface Engineer
Contact: juhansonin at yahoo.com
Company: MITRE Corp (www.mitre.org)
Position location: Bedford, MA

The Sr. User Interface Engineer will be a key player in a talented
and engineering team dedicated to developing web, PDA, and OS-
based products.

12 Feb 2004 - 8:59pm
Dave Malouf

ADMIN RE: en français -A problem?

Juli and to the list community,

I am taking this subject off-list for now.

While I feel that Juli has a very good subject that needs to be
discussed, there are some mis-understandings and in fact a guidelines
violation in her posting that need some off-list sidebarring to occur.
Also, the business side of this list and the group that sponsors it is
not to be discussed on this list (see below).

In the meantime, I encourage openly the use of this list in whatever
language you like, but I cannot guarantee that there will be others who
will want to speak w/ you in that language.

12 Feb 2004 - 7:39pm
George Schneiderman

Re: en français -A problem?

If there is a critical mass of people who speak French, or German, or
Klingon, or whatever, then clearly the group should look into forming
language-specific lists. But in the meantime, I for one certainly
don't see any harm in people posting non-English messages to the main
mostly-English list. I do think that people who want to do that should
probably indicate in the subject that the post is not in English, as
the recent posters in French have in fact done.

12 Feb 2004 - 5:28pm
12 years ago
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en français -A problem?

RE: "start up a french-only discussion somewhere else" (see message received down below)

I understand what you mean but...

1) the web site here: http://interactiondesigners.com/index_fr.html (which makes THIS particular address important) gathers all the people that agrees on a single term (interaction designer). And I'm interested in exchanging with those professionals.

2) This web site also proposes to define and emplement the meaning and definition of the profession by the help of all.

11 Feb 2004 - 6:02pm
Robert Reimann

Personas, scenarios, and breadth vs. depth thinking in design ide ation


That's an interesting and useful way of characterizing the
design process.

The problem with brainstorming alone is that it leaves
you with many creative ideas, but not necessarily a
direction or organizing principle to prioritize or
refine them.

Personas, together with scenarios (in the earlier persona
discussion, nobody mentioned these in the same breath; the
former without the latter is of fairly limited use), can help
to curtail the breadth first thinking to a "relevant"
decision space, i.e., exploring a solution set that would
be acceptable to the target personas.

11 Feb 2004 - 5:42am
12 years ago
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Guy-Philippe UBEROS

Re: en français

Oui, il y a des utilisateurs français.

Lien en francais qui référence d'autres liens.


Yes, there are French users.

French link who reference other links.

Guy-Philippe UBEROS

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From: "jaubin" <

10 Feb 2004 - 9:56pm
Eddie Hodad

No mouse, no touchscreen, high pressure!

Hi there,

I'm looking for resources, guidelines, books etc that could
help with my current ID challenge. Here are the parameters...

* High pressure "factory floor" style environment

* Keyboard only terminals running Windows XP

* No touchscreen or custom input hardware available

* Users have 8 seconds to read and act on screen contents

* May have to fill in values for 1 or 2 fields somehow

Any pointers to existing literature covering this type of
situation would be VERY much appreciated. I dont mind buying a
book or two...


10 Feb 2004 - 2:47am
Christian Simon

Re: Discuss-interactiondesigners.com Digest, Vol 5, Issue 8

> Andrei wrote:
> Since it seems now to be a new vogue - to publish someone's solutions to the
> famous Cooper Interaction Designer Test, I cannot resist to post my one, too.

Those sketches were really rough. I'm surprised to see them in your answer.
I appreciate the use of sketches in graphics because a gesture can
communicate a sense of emotion that digital art can reflect only after
rounds of development. Why not use Adobe Illustrator and create a wire
frame? Or use graph paper.

9 Feb 2004 - 4:34am
Andrei Sedelnikov

Cooper Test strikes again

Since it seems now to be a new vogue - to publish someone's solutions to the famous Cooper Interaction Designer Test, I cannot resist to post my one, too.

Though I did not try to get a job at Cooper at all, the task seemed to me to interesting to skip it.
Here is my variant (but only the first part - "MS Tables"):


Andrei Sedelnikov