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31 Oct 2004 - 9:03pm
11 years ago
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Pradyot Rai

Conflict of Usability goals with Training objectives?

This is a question more from overall product strategy point of view.
The scenario is a typical product redesign initiative with full UCD
recommendations. This involves the whole 9 yards with close
interactions with users. Also, the same team is assigned to carry out
research for training needs too. This is causing some to be skeptical
about the approach.

31 Oct 2004 - 9:01pm
11 years ago
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Dave Malouf

ADMIN: RE: Academic research and design

Ok, I'm not pointing fingers ... But you, you, you, and oh you! ... Lets be
nice ok. I think there is actually something that is really worth discussing

I think kevin Cheng responded with some good thoughts, I'll repeat them
here, as I think they got burried in the later conversations.

<< So summarizing:
1) nobody can separate info/visual/interaction from a product.

31 Oct 2004 - 3:41pm
11 years ago
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Matt Eliot

Academic research and design

Howdy folks,

As a doctoral student in Technical Communication at the University of
Washington, I had to weigh in on the question of design issues in academic
research. I agree with folks about the poor design sometimes used in
academic studies. I've seen a number of odd designs being tested and it
breaks my heart.

31 Oct 2004 - 1:20pm
11 years ago
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Pradyot Rai

Creative people and tantrums!

CNN sunday --

"LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Pop star Elton John says he doesn't mean
to throw tantrums -- it just comes with the territory of being


Is that true that creative people through tantrums?

31 Oct 2004 - 7:29am
11 years ago
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Dave Malouf

Visual design, industrial design, interaction design ... (was re: Interesting Flash Interface)

> > ***[Pabini] We've jumped from visual design to industrial
> design here.
> And? People respond to how the iPod *looks* before they
> respond to how it works.

Pabini's statement strikes me as interesting and so is Andrei's response.
To me visual design and industrial design are two sides of the same coin. 1
exists in the 2d space and the other exists on top of 3d physical forms.

31 Oct 2004 - 12:25am
11 years ago
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Adrian Liem

CLF and User Perceptions


I am curious to know if anyone has conducted research to explore issues
around the use of Common Look and Feel (CLF) design templates in the

In particular, I am wondering if any work has been done to consider the
effect a CLF has on the user’s perception of how an organization’s
departments/units are inter-related, and to what extent their perception
of the connectedness on the web translates to their understanding of how
the departments/units are actually connected in terms of organizational
infrastructure in reality.

As an example, several large univer

30 Oct 2004 - 12:03pm
11 years ago
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Signature designs

For an average office worker or a businessman, what would be a top website
or a product that's so associated with its brand that if we were to blank
out the identifying logos and other marks, our sample audience would readily
recognize them?

Example: iMac/iPod.

Any others?

Nullius in Verba

29 Oct 2004 - 11:42pm

Focus and caring

Speaking of concrete blocks of crud, Jonathan Ive speaks on design:

"So many students ask me about design movements and technology - but those
things change", Ive told the audience, saying that he believes success as a
designer is about, "focus and caring".

He added that, as a designer, remaining focused is critical: "As a designer
you are naturally inquisitive, and would love to do this, that or another
thing; we have focus".



29 Oct 2004 - 5:06pm
11 years ago
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Andrei Herasimchuk

Stop testing bad design (was: Interesting Flash interface)

On Oct 29, 2004, at 2:54 PM, Alain D. M. G. Vaillancourt wrote:

> You have to realize that these things are made in university labs where
> there is usually no money to hire a professional illustrator with
> training in engineering drawings and industrial design.

That's just an excuse. Universities and colleges are *brimming* with
talent in this area. Why wasn't it used to develop the UI?

29 Oct 2004 - 10:29am

CA bay area, First Friday in November

Bay Area folks...we're back!  join us next week for First Friday in San
First Friday,  user experience designer happy hour.