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31 Jul 2005 - 11:54am
Mohammed Mansoor

Re: Re: Looking for best practices: pop-up blocked messaging

Hi Beth,

Looks like you are talking about pop-ups from hyperlinked elements. I have needed quite a bit of them and used them mostly on complex internet Applications where you are left no choice.

The best way to handle pop-up windows (and still maintain a level of usability) in such cases is to make it modal.

Development needs:
1. it needs to be developed such that unless the pop-up (modal window) is closed the user should not be able to work on the parent window.
2. The the pop-up (modal window) would minimise/maximize/close along with the parent window

30 Jul 2005 - 3:46pm
Frank Spillers

The Politics of Pop-Ups, Pop-Up Blockers and the Pop-Up Error Message


I just happened to be posting a blog entry on the subject.

Hope this helps: http://www.usabilitydiary.com


Frank Spillers
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Experience Dynamics
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29 Jul 2005 - 4:42pm
11 years ago
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Mauro Cavalletti

Ethnographic research methods


I am looking for structured methods of ethnographic field research (video or
not), or other types of research methodologies to get insights on users
behavior in context.

Does anyone have experiences that could be shared? I would like to know pros
and cons if possible.

Thank you all.

Mauro Cavalletti
Creative Director
Organic, Inc.
New York

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29 Jul 2005 - 12:49pm
11 years ago
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Beth Osnato

Looking for best practices: pop-up blocked messaging

Hi all,

Apologies for the cross-post.

We're launching something in a new window, and I'm looking for best
practices regarding (1) warning the user that a new window is going to
open, and (2) if they aren't seeing the new window, instructing the user
on how to disable their pop-up blocker -- especially whether there's a
good way to give this instruction only to users who need it.

*Please* refrain from any and all "why is it in a new window" questions
and discussion.

28 Jul 2005 - 7:25pm
Michael Rabjohns
28 Jul 2005 - 3:25pm
11 years ago
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Austin Govella

Best practices for implementing javascript (for rich internet applications)

I was documenting best practices for the University where I work, and
I came up with a list for javascript. Developers gave it the once over
and the general okay yesterday:
* http://thinkingandmaking.com/entries/63

These practices should be included in your project's technical requirements.

Jonathan Boutelle, a savvier guy than I, has some good comments about
progressive enhancement/graceful degradation that are worth taking
into consideration.

28 Jul 2005 - 1:17pm
Kyle Pero

Social Networks Research Report

For those interested, there's a very good report on social networking and web
communities that is free to download at: http://tidbit.wildbit.com/.

The report includes a great competitive gap analysis on what currenty exists
online (linkedin, ryze, friendster, etc) and offers some guidelines to follow
if you are considering starting your own social network.


Kyle Pero
Information Architect/Usability Analyst
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28 Jul 2005 - 1:04pm
Wendy Fischer

Hiring: Mobile User Experience Designer in Durham, NC

User Experience Designer

Motricity is looking for a User Experience Designer to join its Product Management Group to provide interaction and visual design for software and systems that are used by some of the world's largest wireless carriers and brands to deliver content and applications to hundreds of millions of phones and other mobile devices.

28 Jul 2005 - 12:38pm
11 years ago
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David Texidor

Implementing UI with JAVA Struts & Tiles

We are currently looking at moving a transaction site to the JAVA Struts

28 Jul 2005 - 12:08pm
Jeff Isom

Examples of employee portals


We are currently working on an upgrade to our employee portal. The steering
committee would like to see examples of employee portals from other large
organizations. I know that many portals would likely contain sensitive
information, but does anyone have ideas on how I might get screen shots of some
employee portals? Would anyone be willing to share non-sensitive screens from
their company?