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20 Oct 2005 - 3:31pm
10 years ago
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Rob Conley

One Page Wizard


We have a fairly complex registration process for a
piece of software I am working on. Our usability
tests have indicated that we need to rethink the way
we direct people to work between a browser application
and a desktop application during registration

Does anyone here have user usability data with a
wizard registration processs that is done completely
in one long vertically scrolling interface on AJAX

19 Oct 2005 - 5:20pm
Iram Mirza

Transcribing Software/Products


I am looking for a transcribing software that can handle multiple voices
without a practise script. Anyone heard of something that could be used?



19 Oct 2005 - 4:44pm
10 years ago
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Hi everyone,

I have somewhat of a technical question regarding printing. Usually when we
create detailed design images, we do it in RGB (so we can communicate that
to dev in the same language they code it in).

But when I place the images into InDesign and print them out, do I have to
somehow convert the images to make the printers happy? Because the colors
are coming out WAY off!

If anyone has any pointers around this area, please send them along.

Thank you!


19 Oct 2005 - 4:04pm
10 years ago
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Todd Warfel

Apple Store update (now w/AJAX)

So, they've updated the Apple Store. And in addition to new
PowerBooks and Dual dual-core G5s, there's a bit of AJAX going on.

I was shopping for a new PowerBook (got a 1.25Ghz I need to get rid
of if anyone's interested) and as I upgraded the HD to 120G, I
noticed something going on in the top right corner - there was a JS
fade technique to call my attention to the updated list of features
(new HD size) and updated total of my shopping cart.

I thought it might be a fluke, or maybe the page just reloaded really

19 Oct 2005 - 3:27pm
John Vaughan - ...

Follow-up: NYC IxDA Face 2 Face, Tue, Oct. 18 (6:30p) - Parsons Design Lab

A roomful of metropolitan area professionals showed up for the first NYC
IxDA face2face meeting Tuesday evening in the Parsons Design Lab at the New
School, hosted by organization officers David Heller and Greg Petroff.

David's "Concise History of IxD" gave background (as well as a technology
forecast) on our emerging identity. In "Birthin' an Interaction Design
Association" Greg provided the full historical context for how our new
organization came to be, with an intro to the basic tenets, organizational
structure, fearless leaders and professional resources.

19 Oct 2005 - 2:51pm

discuss Digest, Vol 25, Issue 18


My name is Antonia Palmer and I have recently joined this group. My
area of work is within the design and development of Educational
Multimedia / Learning Objects. I currently work for the University
of Waterloo in Ontario Canada in the Learning and Teaching Through
Technology (LT3) department. I take on many different roles in my
work -- interaction design, interface design, usability, project
management, requirements engineering, and the list goes on.

19 Oct 2005 - 1:43pm
10 years ago
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references for designing international interfaces?

Hi all -

Wondering if anyone could recommend any good resources or give any
good advice on designing UIs with localization to different languages
in mind. There's a big difference in word length between Chinese and
German. :-)

Thanks -


PS: as an aside, if anyone knows any cross-platform GUI programmers,
my company is hiring.

19 Oct 2005 - 11:40am
10 years ago
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Ockler, Sarah

CMS recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good CMS with the following

-Site is built with MS SharePoint
-Need versioning, permissions etc.
-Site is personalized with dynamic content based on member (it's a
member health plan Web site)
-Site is largely transactional with little static content

I'm not sure if that's enough info. We've just started to look into CMS
after learning MS SharePoint couldn't deliver what we needed. We've
gotten a proposal from Interwoven so far. I don't have a lot of
experience with large scale CMS.

19 Oct 2005 - 4:54am
10 years ago
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Sharad Solanki

7th IxDG F2F Meeting held at Pune, India 4:00pm-6:00pm, Saturday 15th Oct 2005

This time the F2F meet was held at the beautiful locale of Cafe Coffee Day, East Street, Pune.

18 Oct 2005 - 4:12pm
Dave Malouf

Fwd: ID&A magazine: short description and call for papers

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We are very proud to announce the birth of a new magazine: ID&A -