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18 Jul 2006 - 10:07am
10 years ago
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keyboard shortcuts + contextual menus

Hi all -

I was just wondering why there are no keyboard shortcuts for
contextual menus.

Apple HIG's say:


Because a user uses a contextual menu as a shortcut to a set of task-
specific commands, it's redundant to display the keyboard shortcuts
for those commands.


Isn't the purpose of displaying keyboard shortcuts in the menus to
teach people a faster means of executing commands, and as such, why
is a contextual menu an inappropriate venue to do so?

18 Jul 2006 - 9:38am
10 years ago
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design by committee??

I don't believe in "design by committee". Specifically
where the committee is made up of groups outside of design
(development, product mgt., etc.)

I'm not saying that I don't believe in collaboration. But I do
not want to be in situations where I have to "compete" for design
with non-designers.

18 Jul 2006 - 2:41am
Christopher Fahey

JOB: Short-Term IA project at Behavior

This is a freelance job for a superstar IA who can swoop in and help with a
major new Web 2.0 product in need of some late-in-the-game IA
recommendations and fresh new UI designs.

The opening is effective immediately and is expected to run through the next
four weeks (through mid August). This is for a NYC-area-based freelance IA
who can frequently work onsite at Behavior's Manhattan office.

17 Jul 2006 - 5:19pm
Dan Saffer

Interaction Design in Wikipedia

The (English) interaction design entry in Wikipedia just had a
considerable overhaul, merging with at least one other entry:


As such, it is a mess and needs to be polished, added to, and cleaned
up. I've started a few repairs, but it would be great if English-
speaking IxDA members could take a look and add/modify it where
necessary. It's really a muddled jumble right now.


17 Jul 2006 - 4:55pm
10 years ago
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Robert Hoekman, Jr.

Purchase path changes

The purchase path on our site is ... well ... a little cluttered. (Major
understatement.)Marketing is really stuck on the "throw everything at the
wall and see what sticks" approach to upselling, and all the users we've
tested all resoundingly say the same thing: "It's too busy. There's too much
information. It's really crowded.

17 Jul 2006 - 1:15pm
10 years ago
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Christopher Fahey

Sorting with the word "The"

Can anyone offer an answer as to why iTunes disregards leading "The"s when
sorting Artist names (putting "The Fall" right next to "Fats Waller") but
puts all the "The"s together when sorting by song titles?

(By the way, I agree with the iTunes person-name sorting approach, advocated
in High Fidelity, where artist names are sorted in the order of the words in
the name (not by "lastname, firstname") since many pop artists' names are
made up anyway.

17 Jul 2006 - 12:14pm
leo.frishberg a...

Subzero / Wolf Appliance UXD / IxD team members present?

I'd be interested in chatting with anyone from the Subzero / Wolf
Appliance user experience team if you are listening.


17 Jul 2006 - 9:21am
10 years ago
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Cesare Rocchi

Fonts for small screens


Has anybody any pointer/theory/experiment about the fonts which are better
(that is, enable better reading) for small (e.g. PDA) screens?



Rocchi Cesare
ITC-Irst Trento (Italy)

14 Jul 2006 - 3:32pm

Job Opening for Excellent Interaction Designer (SF)

I know this company and they are both a great company with a great
service but have tremendous upside opportunities...

Senior Interaction-User Experience Designer
Blurb, Inc, San Francisco (Full Time)

If you never get on a bus or a plane without at least one book in
hand, you could be the ideal candidate to join Blurb (www.blurb.com),
a venture-backed startup located in downtown San Francisco near
public transit and ferries.

Since people first put ink to papyrus, books have captured our best
thinking, learning and experiences.

14 Jul 2006 - 2:52pm
10 years ago
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Bill DeRouchey

[JOB] ZIBA Design, Information Architect in IxD Dept

Hello all,

ZIBA Design is looking for an Information Architect to join our IxD team. It's
a great opportunity for someone with a background and skill set in IA, but also
wants to branch out beyond web/software to working on digital products. We're a
fun curious team and our clients trust us with fascinating challenges. If you
enjoy fully thinking through how something should work, this may be for you.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let me know.