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18 Mar 2008 - 2:00pm
8 years ago
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Elizabeth Buie

Terminology: import-export or upload-download

Mona Singh writes:

>Has anyone done any user studies on the use of terminology like
>import-export or upload-download. Is one of the options more natural for

As I have always used them they mean different things, so both are appropriate in their contexts.

Upload/Download refers to location -- e.g., you upload to a web site and download to your laptop.

Import/Export refers to format -- e.g., you export from Word to RTF, or you import a CSV file into Excel.


18 Mar 2008 - 12:39pm
Jackie O\'Hare

JOB: Senior IA - New York, NY - Recruiter - Freelance/Contract

One of our online ad agency clients needs an IA who is available
starting Monday or ASAP!

You will be working at a prestigious agency on top brand pharma &
insurance accounts.

We also have work available immediately at two other online ad agencies
in Southern CT. One shop is very easily commutable via Metro North & the
other requires a car for easy commuting, however, after you get
established it will be possible to work from home a couple of days a

18 Mar 2008 - 11:37am
Robert Hoekman, Jr.

EVENT: Web Directions UX in Melbourne

Very cool new single-day event from the Web Directions folks ...

Web Directions User Experience: Melbourne
When: May 15 and 16 2008
Where: Melbourne Town Hall
Web Directions User Experience is a one day two track conference, plus
optional extra day of workshops, focussing on the concepts, technologies and
techniques for building great user experiences on the web: interaction
design, usability and testing, user research and ethnography, Ajax and
Javascript, content, designing for email and mobile and mo

18 Mar 2008 - 11:02am
8 years ago
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Lukeisha Carr

what helped most in your career? : Dealing with criticism

Hi Everyone,

I've been following the original thread about "what helped most in your career?". Many of the posts are very very inspiring.

I have on spin-off question. How do you deal with the criticism? I'm not talking about polite constructive criticism. That I have no problem accepting & applying. But what about the down right harsh hurtful comments, by peers, managers, &/or end users, when you know you did/are doing the best you can at that time? We all know that some jobs/careers are just not right for some people.

18 Mar 2008 - 8:47am
8 years ago
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Charles Hannon

History of Plus Symbol (+) in HCI

I am interested in the history of (+). I am tracking the "evolution" of this
interaction idiom (and others) and the ways in which user mental models have
to adapt to such changes.

I think (+) first meant "expand" as opposed to (-) which meant "collapse."
In iTunes it means "Add Playlist" and this has been copied (very crudely) in
the Sony Reader eBook Library application.

18 Mar 2008 - 6:30am
8 years ago
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Dave Malouf

virtual vs. physical social behavior

thus is a tangent from Andrei's thread on Twitter @ SxSWi.

"why us the person in front if you more important than the person a
million miles away?"

the assumption coming from a pre-digital culture is that the people
with you ate more important than those away from you.

I would like to suggest that in the digital cultural world that this
distinction is blurted at beat or just outright arbitrary dependent on
specific contextual queues.

Personally I believe there is a balance we ate going to learn to
strike, but to do that we have to put aside our presumptions and allow

18 Mar 2008 - 5:29am
8 years ago
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John Gibbard

IxD: Mac Resources

Hi people,
I have decided to get myself a new laptop (economic crisis? what economic
crisis) which, happily, will be a MacBook Pro. So, having taken the plunge
and switched to Team Cupertino what Mac-based stuff do I need? In order to
keep the list traffic to a minimum please respond direct unless you think
it's of community importance (hope that's not too Nanny Bot-ish). At the
very least I'll be adding:

a) iWork 08, for all the Keynote goodness.
b) OmniGraffle

I'm thinking people will be suggesting Illustrator too.

18 Mar 2008 - 1:54am
7 years ago
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Howie Chang

Organizing files and folders

I am currently studying and researching on how people organizes their files
and folders in PC/Mac...
Mind sharing how do you keep them tidy and neat, or you couldn't care less.
This is a problem I want to solve. Housekeeping of files and folders. Its
been increasingly annoying to me that in the light of us, being
technologically advance and all, still struggles with chores like these.

P.S: I like how Miro (http://www.getmiro.com/) helps me to housekeep. It
automatically deletes my downloaded media (once I play them) on day 5.


18 Mar 2008 - 1:20am
keyur sorathia

IXDA Mumbai - next meet on 21st March

Hi All,

After a long discussion on finalizing the date of next IXDA Mumbai meet,
here are the final details of Venue and Time.

*The Venue *
Pop Tate's
1St Floor Sagar Palazzio,
Sakinaka Junction,
Andheri E,
Andheri Kurla Road,
Mumbai - 400059
Time and Date :*
18:00 hours,
21st March, Friday.

Everyone is warmly welcome for the meet.
You can also bring your friends, even if they are not in interaction design
domain but interested in interaction design.

Let me know if you are coming, so we can arrange accordingly.

Thank you.

Keyur Sorathia
Interaction Designer,
Media Lab Asi

17 Mar 2008 - 6:23pm
Brian Chenensky

JOB:Director of Project Managment - Interactive Healthcare Ad Agency:Northern NJ, :Recruiter:Full Tim

Director of Project Management

The company is a fast growing direct/interactive Healthcare Marketing Agency focused on strategy and implementation of marketing campaigns for pharmaceutical brands (direct-to-patient).

The Director of Project Management is a senior member of the management team with lead responsibility for establishing project management standards and for overseeing Project Management and Traffic Management staff, who are in turn responsible for project execution and delivery on a daily basis.