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20 Aug 2008 - 10:33am
8 years ago
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Jason Lee

Job: Jr. to Mid Level Information Architect/User Experience Designer NYC

We are a leading digital agency in Soho specializing in fashion, luxury, and e-commerce clients. We are currently expanding our IA/UX department and are looking for talented junior and mid level candidates.

20 Aug 2008 - 10:15am
8 years ago
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L.A. King

Designing a "query builder" for advanced search

Anybody out there ever built a interface that helps users build an advanced
search query? I am currently working on a site that has over 5 million
articles, and search is the primary way users find this information. A lot
of these users are librarians and they know how to do complex Boolean
searches on various meta data fields. Currently, the search engine is
optimized for this type of user, which is completely ignoring the user who
does not know how to construct these complex queries.

20 Aug 2008 - 7:42am

JOB: Web/Graphic UX Designer in Herndon, Virginia

Greetings everyone! My company (Command Information) is currently seeking to
hire a mid/senior level Web/Graphic User Experience Designer. It is a
full-time, permanent position located in Herndon, VA.
Job Summary: Web/Graphic UX Designer

This is a fulltime, permanent position offering an opportunity to work for a
cutting edge company.

20 Aug 2008 - 5:28am

Call for Entries: CHI2009 Student Design Competition


I want to invite you and students you mentor to contribute to the CHI2009
Student Design Competition; the competition, in its sixth year, is an
international venue for showcasing undergraduate and graduate design work.
CHI in 2009 will be held in Boston, MA.

The design problem this year focuses on the idea of local resource
consumption; the problem given to students is:

Design an object, interface, system, or service intended to support the idea
of utilizing or consuming local resources rather than global resources, in a
sustainable and environmentally efficient manner.

19 Aug 2008 - 9:23pm
8 years ago
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Diego Baca

Auto-suggest on Web Apps

I'm considering to add auto-suggest text fields to a project I'm currently
working on. I like the feature because it saves me time when I know exactly
who or what I'm looking for. For instance, I use the search feature on
Facebook constantly when looking for friends. However, I've found the

1) Sometimes suggestions don't populate as quick as I expect.
2) Fields that contain this feature are difficult to differentiate from
those that do have it.

19 Aug 2008 - 2:48pm
8 years ago
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Matt Nish-Lapidus

twitter and IxDA once again

Hi Everybody.

So, I finally broke down and am starting to get into twitter.. But
there is still one big problem in my mind, sort of usability issue.

Here's the situation:

- I'm following user123
- user123 is not following me
- i post a link to an article that user123 would be very interested
in based on our conversations or user123's feed
- user123 never sees it unless I @user123 the tweet

this, to me, points to a break down in twitter as a sort of "chat"
client... it means that all conversations could be very one sided.

19 Aug 2008 - 10:38am
Yogesh Bhide

Information on HR application users

Hi Everyone,

I am working on an application that I meant for HR users and gives
information about their organizations, we have qualified some user
personas and the application provides different homepages based on the
different login personas.

19 Aug 2008 - 10:15am

Job - User Experience Research Manager - Redmond, WA - Full Time - Recruiter

User Experience Research Manager

WA - Redmond

Bestica is seeking for a User Experience Research Manager for the world's
premier software firm.

The Role.In addition to standard management activities (hiring, coaching,
performance assessments, budgeting, etc),

. You decide what activities your team needs to accomplish vs.
hiring a vendor or empowering the product units.

. You would set the vision for SOA platform. You own the feedback
model. You drive the decisions.


19 Aug 2008 - 1:42am
8 years ago
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Angel Marquez

web mashups

Can you recommend any good ones?
Thank you in advance.


18 Aug 2008 - 11:52pm
8 years ago
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6 Metrics for Managing UI Design

I've been working with my team to devise a small set of metrics (don't want
overkill) to help both guide our efforts and measure our progress. Please
take a look at my post if you have any interest in this area and comment. I
would love to get feedback on metrics that others are working with.


Russell Wilson
Vice President of Product Design, NetQoS
Blog: http://www.dexodesign.com