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1 Oct 2008 - 3:11am
7 years ago
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R. Groot

Shoppingcart vs shoppingbasket

Hello all,

I have short question. Do any of you know of any good argumentation for when
to use a 'shopping cart' and when to use a 'shopping basked' (both image
and/or term) in an e-commerce website.

I myself would think that the choice would depend on whether you expect
people to buy a lot (cart) or few (basket) things from your store. Any

Kind regards,

1 Oct 2008 - 3:01am
7 years ago
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Sachin Ghodke

Site Map - How important is it as a link?

Site Map: I have been wondering how important the link "Site Map" is which I
am planning to do away with on a corporate website?
What I am looking at is to have those few sections and their sub-links
upfront at the bottom of the page for all the subsequent pages besides the
home page. Is this going to be too much information for the user to handle?

I need all the advice you can give regarding this.

Thank you.

Sachin Ghodke