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15 Nov 2008 - 4:16am

World Usability Day 2008, Bangalore, Sat, 29th of November | Yahoo Campus ( Inner Ring Road ) | 10:30 am – 4:30 pm

IxDA Bangalore, partnering with UPA and CHI Bangalore are organising this
year's World Usability Day on the 29th Nov 2008, at Yahoo campus, EGL
Business Park, Inner Ring Road, Bangalore.

14 Nov 2008 - 10:05pm
7 years ago
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Robert Hoekman, Jr.


A pretty amazing piece of interaction design.



14 Nov 2008 - 7:04pm
7 years ago
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Ali Naqvi

My new webpage

Hello members,
I have changed the content of my webpage www.amroha.dk
At the moment I am scanning all my projects and also uploading pictures of
my family and I. This means that none of these are available at the site.
BUT please let me know what you think of the colours chosen and style etc.
With regards to links, I can paste your webpage beneath the 'Stuff about
Interaction Design....' if you want me to.

Please critize, praise, comment do whatever you want. After all I want my
users/readers to be pleased >)


14 Nov 2008 - 6:43pm
Wunderlich, Judith

{EVENT} Microsoft User Experience & Web Design Tools, Presentation in Chicago

The Chicago Interactive Design/Development meetup group presents:

User Experience and Design - What¹s next for the Web?
A common topic with an uncommon speaker, Chris Bernard, User Experience
Evangelist at Microsoft

Microsoft isn¹t a typically common company Web developers and designers
think of when it comes to user experience, design and inspiration.

14 Nov 2008 - 2:10pm
7 years ago
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Interaction Design Career Path

Hi all.... I can't remember whether there was a conversation about career
paths in our realm, so I thought I would start one. Currently I am a senior
IxDer and starting to plot out my career path. Would love to hear from
those who were in my shoes before that made the transition to the next step.
I'm curious as to not only your personal view on the career path, but the
employers' view on career paths in this realm too.

"Art provokes thinking, design solves problems"

w: http://www.davidshaw.info

14 Nov 2008 - 1:01pm
7 years ago
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Tonia M Bartz

Phoenix IxDA Meetups

I just recently relocated to Phoenix and was wondering if there were
any established IxDA meetups. If not, is there any interest in one?

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Tonia M. Bartz
tonia.m.bartz at gmail.com

14 Nov 2008 - 11:20am
7 years ago
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Question: How to show discounted pricing to members without logging in to a site

Hi everyone:

I have a question.

One of our clients is a publisher who, in order to protect their
distributors and partner booksellers preferred pricing, know they can only
publish their LIST price on their web site. However, they wanted to know if
it were possible to show member pricing without the user having to log in.
There is no login requirement on the site, as its promotional.

I know that many retail stores online who heavily discount merchandise as a
loss leader, display a price when the user digs a little deeper, and then
actually adds the product to a cart.

13 Nov 2008 - 5:22pm
Peter Boersma

Looking for design template samples forimagine/discovery phase


> Very interested in cool formats for presenting
> distilled design innovation concepts to key stakeholders.

Victor Lombardi's Concept Design Tools article (http://www.digital-web.com/articles/concept_design_tools/) may be of use to you.

Peter Boersma | Senior Interaction Designer | Info.nl
http://www.peterboersma.com/blog | http://www.info.nl

13 Nov 2008 - 2:27pm
Lada Gorlenko

JOB: Web UX Designer, Microsoft Online Services, Microsoft, Redmond, WA, USA

Posting on behalf of the hiring manager (cc-ed).
Please reply to Lisa Lane <lisalane at microsoft.com> directly.

UX DESIGNER | Do you want to be a key contributor to what our 2007
Annual Report called out as “the single
biggest opportunity across every one of our businesses?” If so, this is
the job for you!

13 Nov 2008 - 1:33pm
Peter Merholz

Theory Where that ACD thing fits

This discussion on UCD/ACD has been both frustrating and enlightening.
The single biggest thing it demonstrates to me is just how thin our
understanding of theory is, and the impact that theory has on how we

What do I mean by theory? Theory is a robust conceptual framework that
undergirds a practice.