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22 Dec 2008 - 4:57am
7 years ago
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Dimiter Simov

Formatting field labels and field values

Hello All,

I searched through the threads and did not find anything on the topic.

Our application, a web-based CRM, offers a number of reports. When designing
the report, I formatted the reports so that field labels appear smaller and
paler than values. The rationale: focus the attention of people to the data
not to the labels.

Some colleagues of mine strongly oppose this approach and want field labels
to be bold and the same font size as values, claiming that this is a
standard way of doing it.

21 Dec 2008 - 10:19pm
7 years ago
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Angel Marquez

d&d character sheet as a persona model



Has anyone ever heard of someone using the same approach for a persona or a
site that has persona profiles?
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21 Dec 2008 - 5:52pm
Elizabeth Bacon

User recruitimg agent in Bay Area

Hi Min,

You can start your investigation by referring to this thread
regarding research suppliers in the Bay Area.



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21 Dec 2008 - 9:57am
7 years ago
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Brian Henkel

How does knowledge of CMSs make you a better UX designer?

I'm planning to teach a course on how knowledge of Content Management
Systems makes us better user experience designers. In this course, we
will survey many prevalent CMS tools (slated at the moment: WordPress,
Drupal, Joomla, Sharepoint, Expression Engine) to review how they work,
analyze their capabilities and limitations, and overall, make
non-technical designers more conversant with these technologies.

19 Dec 2008 - 5:56pm
Joanne Weaver

JOB: freelance: Sr IA/UX Lead *and* Content Strategist, agency

Hi all---hope you're gearing up for massive amounts of festive merriment and
joyfulness J

I'm looking for a freelance Sr IA/UX Lead, as well as a freelance Content
Strategist, for a 2-3 month gig starting in early January, for a massive
international website build in NYC.

19 Dec 2008 - 5:48am
7 years ago
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Maria De Monte

good examples for disability and web 2.0??

Hello folks,

talking about web 2.0 and its moving toward a 3.0 era, I've been questioning myself about how web 2.0 has prompted accessibility problems by people with disabilities.

19 Dec 2008 - 4:41am
6 years ago
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Sam Menter

best practice for security questions

Hi there

Can anyone point me in the direction of sample security questions that could
be used to verify a user's identity if they don't have an email address and
have forgotten a password? EG Mother's maiden name, first school etc etc.

I think best practice would be to let a users set the question themselves,
but in this case we need to offer a set of questions for the user to choose

Thanks for the tips,

18 Dec 2008 - 5:48pm
7 years ago
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Steve Baty

Dominating the space


Although Google well and truly dominates the search space, Facebook and
iPhone are not in the same class. Facebook's dominance is market and
demographic-specific, being out-performed in some age brackets by MySpace
and Bebo (pre-teens & teens); and countries, by a wide range of competing
social networks.

The iPhone is definitely dominating the media, but Nokia is still the
largest seller of mobile devices globally; and Blackberry is a very strong
competitor in the smartphone market specifically.

18 Dec 2008 - 2:55pm
Greg Petroff

interaction'09|vancouver Conference Update

Hi All,

Here is some more information regarding where we are with plans for the coming interaction'09|vancouver conference.

We still have slots open to attend the conference. We are pretty flexible with the space we have so we can add numbers....but it makes it harder for us to plan things like catering etc. So if you are planning on coming please try to sign up soon. It will help the planning team immeasurably!!!

Workshops Update: Workshops are discounted to $200 USD until December 31. January 1st they go up to $250.00 each.

18 Dec 2008 - 7:46am
Maggie Reilly

Google Web Tools

Apologies for possible cross-posting. I work for a firm that is
considering use of Google Web Tools to deliver content and site
experience for a site supports a large, multinational service
corporation; the site is a major driver of revenue for the company. .
The development team we are working with is recommending Google Web
Tools to architect a site to be released within the next 6 months or so.
The site includes a LOT of visitor tools and forms as well as content
and advertising.

Any thoughts/experiences you can share in terms of Google Web Tools will
be much appreciated.