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16 Jan 2009 - 6:20am
7 years ago
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John McCarthy

Reverse colour text and attention blindness

I'm working on a design at the moment that has a "tab panel" in the page.

In the first iteration the visual designers used reverse colour on the main
type to distinguish between the selected tab and the unselected tab. This
type of colour reversal is a classic graphic design trick to decrease the
visual noise on a page.

My problem however is I think this kind of that it can introduce interaction
It is well known that we selectively attend on the basis of colour - in
other words if you are tuned into black text you will tend to not see any
white text.

16 Jan 2009 - 6:09am

Introduction to Interaction Design: An Interview with Dave Malouf

"Introduction to Interaction Design: An Interview with Dave Malouf "
Interview by Will Evans

"This February is the second annual Interaction Design Association
(IxDA) Interaction'09 conference which is being held in Vancouver,
British Columbia in conjunction with Simon Fraser University’s School
of Interactive Arts and Technology.

15 Jan 2009 - 8:22pm

DC for Inauguration: where will IxDAers be?

hi IxDA,

Getting pretty excited re: coming to DC from Maine for Inauguration

Sunday joining the throngs at the huge free concert at the Lincoln Memorial,
which Barack will be opening. MLK Day doing the day of service. On
Inauguration Night I'll be at the Art Ball, 51st State Ball (as former
resident of the District), Nappy Roots at DC9, and late-night private
parties coming to fruition. Otherwise, reconnecting with friends, private
parties, dinners, spontaneous happenings, and who knows.


Who else will be out & about in DC?

15 Jan 2009 - 7:06pm

ISO: Web designers who also wireframe

Are there any solo web designers on this list who also produce wireframes
for clients? If so, I'd like to ask you a few questions for an article I'm
writing. If you're willing to share a before-and-after wireframe/home page
design, that would be even better.
Please contact me off-list: kimbieler at gmail.com


Kim Bieler
Apt Media
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +
twitter: @feadog
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

15 Jan 2009 - 4:47pm
Greg Petroff

Updates and News for interaction'09|vancouver

Hi Folks,

We are 21 days away from the conference and we are getting excited.
There is still room in all of the workshops but they are filling up
fast. We also are closing in on capacity so don't delay....sign up now!

A couple of announcements:

Genevieve Bell had to withdraw from the schedule for unforeseen
circumstances. Although we are sad that we have lost her talk we are
happy to announce that we will now be able to elevate Robert Fabricant's
highly anticipated talk, "Irrational Behavior" to a keynote.

15 Jan 2009 - 4:24pm
Mary Jeys

[EVENT] SVA MFA in Interaction Design Lecture Series in NYC continues February 18th 6:30-8:30PM

DOT DOT DOT: "The Modularists"
The MFA Interaction Design Lecture Series

Join us for our February lecture, featuring four speakers giving four
talks in forty minutes. This month’s topic:

“The Modularists”
The insight required to craft modular systems requires designers to
think through several variations of form and function — often beyond
the original intent of an object, product, or service. How much does
the design of discrete modules affect the integrity of the larger

15 Jan 2009 - 2:35pm
7 years ago
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Vishal Subraman...

Whats in a name, my fellow Usability Experience Specialists?


Needless to say I'm hesitant to bring this up, but 'Usability Experience
Specialist' made me cringe, not to mention they start out by saying that
'This profession has a hard time agreeing on a name for itself.

15 Jan 2009 - 1:25pm
7 years ago
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Per Axbom

Conditional required fields - how to indicate whether fields are required when the status can change

The simple solution, without really knowing the context:

Start with input fields for phone number and e-mail that are hidden
from view.

Have the user indicate his/her preferred contact method first. Then
show the input fields - on another screen or through the use of
dynamic html - using the wording (optional) next to the field label
if it is optional.

15 Jan 2009 - 12:09pm
7 years ago
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Chris Paul

web-based research/writing tool recommendations

Hi. I'm looking for a web-based research and writing tool to help me organize and aggregate news articles, blog posts, links and other web-based resources for a writing project. I've searched around a bit, EndNote Web from Thomson-Reuters looks promising but I can't get a straight answer on individual pricing (seems geared for site-wide licenses)....so I'm assuming it's pricey.

What tools have you had good experience with? Thanks in advance.

15 Jan 2009 - 11:40am
Louis Rosenfeld

IA Summit registration now open

We're pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2009 ASIS&T
IA Summit, being held in Memphis, TN, USA in March 2009. The pre-conference
sessions will run on Wednesday and Thursday, March 18-19; the Summit will
run Friday through Sunday, March 20-22.