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23 Jan 2009 - 11:42am
7 years ago
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Oleh Kovalchuke

Drawbacks of using Flex for data processing application?

We are thinking about building data processing application entirely in Flex.

The benefits: there are component libraries (
which can be modified via CSS, the initial development time is short,
charting capabilities.

Anyone has built data processing app in Flex before?

23 Jan 2009 - 11:29am
7 years ago
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paul turner

Design (graphic and interaction), budgets, waterfalls, minimalism, and bridges to software developers

1. Minimalistic UI design may suffice (I'm not convinced) for web content that are visited for a few minutes, but web applications that are stared at for hours need follow Gestalt principles. Graphic design is not about tossing comps over the transom and forcing downstream stakeholders to accept the consequences.

2. Will we return to waterfall approaches at companies that are eliminating or single-threading interaction design departments? That is say, will sneaky product managers go full bore, communicating all design ideas directly to software developers?

23 Jan 2009 - 11:27am
7 years ago
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Michael B. Moore

Looking for good examples of resolving sync conflicts

Hi all,

I'm working on a project that will involve comparison and synchroniziation
of two lists, with the need to see the details of each list item as part of
the comparison. The most obvious examples out there are various flavors of
file directory compare tools, but the interfaces to these seem to be
uniformly crappy. I'm wondering if the collective wisdom here could point me
to some good examples.

Thanks in advance,
Michael Moore

Michael B. Moore • Pure InfoDesign • www.pureinfodesign.com

23 Jan 2009 - 6:25am
7 years ago
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Recommendations on UI for filtering content / switching user-roles.

Hi all,

I've recently joined this list so hope I have followed the standard
etiquette for posting messages.

Does anyone have any recommendations of sites using a technique for a
registered user to switch their view of a website from job-specific to
'show all'.

So if a user chooses to view the site as their registered job role of
'Travel Writer', whilst they will be able to access all the content on
the site, role-specific articles will be promoted more heavily within
the site pages.

22 Jan 2009 - 11:25pm
7 years ago
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[Event Reminder] IxDA NYC meets next Thursday, January 29

"Doing More With Less: Sharing Tales of Guerilla IxD"

We're getting an enthusiastic response to this open, community-based
discussion focused on the art of doing good interaction design during
challenging times, to be moderated by IxDA Board President Joshua Seiden.

Have you registered to attend? http://tinyurl.com/IxDAJan09

The event is free of charge and open to all interested parties. However, for
security reasons, only those on the guest list will be admitted.

22 Jan 2009 - 5:22pm
7 years ago
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jeff noyes

JOB: Rock Star designer with superb CSS Javascript chops; Andover Ma, Acquia

We're looking for a top-notch designer, CSS and JQuery guru. The
right candidate will be able to show us some award winning design
concepts and demonstrate how your CSS, JQuery, Javascript expertise
brought the designs to life.

We'd like to know how you can help us build reusable kick-ass themes,
web-applications, and social networking websites. We want people who
want to make a difference. People with the wisdom of experience and a
talent for pushing conventional thinking. People who embrace
challenges, proven skills, innovative ideas, and an entrepreneurial

22 Jan 2009 - 4:28pm
gretchen anderson

Living the Job >> Enterprise UX Researchby Doing (vs. Observation)

Another good way to get at this, is to have the client train you on the
job. I've gone to multi-day trainings for specialty jobs (even ones that
are WAY above my pay grade) and gotten valuable info to pair with my

22 Jan 2009 - 1:31pm
7 years ago
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jeff noyes

Would you test my designs?

I need to create a panel of users to guide our design direction. I'm
looking for people to help. This shouldn't take much of your time,
e.g, an occasional review of screens, or a quick remote usability
study (requires only a computer and phone/skype).

22 Jan 2009 - 12:32pm
7 years ago
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Designing for keyboard-oriented users

I'm putting together a discovery and research plan for improving the usability of an equities direct trading application. The primary users of the application are day traders, and because they need to act quickly to dynamics in the market in real time, they tend to be very keyboard-oriented. They are constantly scanning across multiple screens/views and don't like to take their hands off the keyboard to use a mouse.

Thus, as we look to improve the interface and functionality of the application, we need to keep mouse usage to an absolute minimum.

22 Jan 2009 - 10:56am

Ux Programs in Colorado?

Any recommendations on some Ux courses, workshops, or groups in Colorado?

I'm particularly interested in learning about workshops and undergrad
that would be applicable to the field and/or learning track.


Mike Caskey
Denver, Colorado