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30 Apr 2009 - 11:51pm
7 years ago
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Steve Baty

Books or articles that cover analysis of user/design research data well.

I put the call out yesterday via Twitter and thought I'd try to tap into the
IxDA community for more assistance... I'm looking for examples of texts -
books or articles (printed, journals, blogs, online magazines) - I'd happily
accept presentations - that provide good coverage of analysis of research

30 Apr 2009 - 11:25pm
7 years ago
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keyur sorathia

Bill Moggridge says IxD is over. ; -) (not really, but its nice and provocative)

Bill Mogridge says "IXD is over".

I feel not. I do ethnography studies in rural parts of India where i see
huge need of good interaction design.
People dont know how to save contacts, not even how to see a last dialed
number, checking messages (even if they are using mobile for more than 2
years), then how can we say IXD is over.

Bill Mogridge says, " it was necessary at the time to define it as a
discipline because
software was so new and no one knew how to design it."
People do not even know what is internet, computer etc.

30 Apr 2009 - 10:37pm
Chicago IxDA4

[EVENT] Chicago IxDA – Not Your Usual Web Sites – May 13th

Come hear about (and discuss) hyper-local news, online prediction markets,
and gaming as a marketing tool.

30 Apr 2009 - 7:33pm
7 years ago
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Eugene Kim

Number of results displayed per page on mobile device

Has anyone come across an example of search results which aren't
based on the "base-10" method of displaying results per page?

For example, I've got a situation where a legacy product is
currently displaying 9 results per page and the reasons I've
gathered are:

1) Each result is associated with a number on the keypad (press 1 to
go to 1st result on the page, 2 for the 2nd result, etc.), but the
number 0 is being reserved as a keypad shortcut for another

2) Businesses make up the core of our search and they don't want to
be associated with 0 even though they're displayed

30 Apr 2009 - 6:23pm
7 years ago
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Elena Melendy

[EVENT] Tue 5/19 Save the Date for Dan Brown!

NYC UPA is pleased as punch to announce that our May event will
feature Dan Brown (yes, that's *the* Dan Brown), principal at
EightShapes. He'll be presenting on the general topic of business

Dan will be speaking on the evening of 5/19. Salient details will be
revealed shortly. Please watch our website at http://nycupa.org.

Or join our Facebook group at http://groups.to/nycupa/ to be among
the first notified.

30 Apr 2009 - 5:56pm
7 years ago
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Nina Eleanor Alter

New Site: Feedback?

Hey Folks:

I just re-did my personal/portfolio site, and would love love love
some feedback!

I've already gotten some very clear feedback that some key issues need
to be addressed, though the rest of the stuff I'd also like advisement

There's a surveymonkey.com link on the homepage, or an email would be

Primary unknown that I'd love feedback on: What are your thoughts on
how the IxD/IA projects are presented within the portfolio, and what
might you recommend be done differently to provide either quicker or
more compelling or just plain better narratives/content/etc

30 Apr 2009 - 2:56pm
7 years ago
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Mark Schraad
30 Apr 2009 - 1:52pm
7 years ago
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Alan Cox

Decentralized Decision Authority

I have been doing some thinking about how design decisions get made,
both at my company and at others. For the most part, we have a
hybrid (somewhat centralized, somewhat not) authority for making
design decisions: there is one team responsible for them all, but the
team members are assigned to other cross-functional teams.

I've been doing some brainstorming about whether it would be
appropriate to have a much more decentralized decision authority for
design decisions.

30 Apr 2009 - 12:50pm
7 years ago
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Any IVR experts in the house?

I'm doing a really quick, one-off project for a class involving
interactive voice response (IVR) systems. What I'm looking for is
detailes on one or two really bad IVR systems, or maybe a study pointing
out the N most egregious flaws of IVR systems.

So far g5/Y! isn't getting me anything meaty, just obvious
customer-relations things like, "don't apologize for doing something you
shouldn't do.

martin vian

JOB: User Interface / Interaction Designer, Columbus, Ohio

User Interface / Interaction Designer in the Columbus area

We need another interaction designer to help shape user experience
for a high-volume B2B information site. We operate really big
database / search platforms for several well-known business
publishers, but this job is focused on our own flagship business
information site which averages about a million page views a day.