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6 May 2009 - 9:30am

Hosting EPIC 2010 Conference


Interested in hosting the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference
(EPIC) in 2010?

Last year was Copenhagen, this year is Chicago, next year could be your

For more information on shaping a proposal, please refer to the
guidelines on the EPIC website:


DEADLINE: July 24, 2009

Contact me if you have questions or ideas,

Elizabeth Anderson-Kempe
EPIC Steering Committee
Location Sub-committee Chair

6 May 2009 - 6:05am
7 years ago
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Rutger van Dijk

Good starting points for a user guide ?


At our company we are developing a new harbour information system.
The graphical user interface and interaction is very different from
the previous software which has been used for about 10 years.

Part of the project is to create a user guide 'new style' for our
users. We don't want to create a 200 pages document with lots of
screenshots and nobody reads. We are also thinking how to integrate
help / user support in the application itself. The guide(s) have to
been supporting, informative and attractive to read.

6 May 2009 - 2:08am
7 years ago
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Feedback on Redesigned BART Ticket Kiosk Interface

I just finished my final UI design project at UC Berkeley's School of
Information (I'm a grad student there) and was hoping for your

We redesigned the BART ticket kiosk.

Our goal was to make it easier for first-time or infrequent riders to
use while not making it any harder for experienced riders. The
software was built in Adobe Flex; the physical prototype was built
around a laptop and controlled by an Arduino micro-controller.


Please check it out and let me know what you think.

5 May 2009 - 11:37pm
7 years ago
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Stephen Holmes

Any data on users making use of Help?

I don't know of any studies to date but it is easy to find out on
many web applications just by looking at page referenced logs to see
what parts of an application as call to a Help message is made (if
designed that way).

5 May 2009 - 6:43pm
Tony Tulathimutte

UX / Design / Marketing workshop recommendations?

Does anyone have recommendations for great workshops they've attended
in the Bay Area recently, having to do with UX, design, or marketing?
A full-day or half-day workshop would be ideal. I've read through
the IxDA events listings, of course, but would like to get the input
of the whole community. Thanks!

5 May 2009 - 5:27pm
7 years ago
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Great Examples: IxD and WebDev Portfolios?

Hey Folks:

Still on my quest to improve my own portfolio, design a site for a
friend who's a webdev, and one for a friend who's a photographer (3
'similar' sites, radically different content & audiences), I'd love
feedback on the following:

What do you think are great examples of an individual's (not an
agency's) portfolio site?

• A WebDev's portfolio site
- specific question: how to represent coding skills, if all the code
is 'gone,' the site defunct?

• An Interaction Designer's portfolio site
- how to present past work that demonstrates a savvy with interactiv

5 May 2009 - 4:41pm
7 years ago
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Amy Silvers

How long should a beta be?

I'm working on a plan for a possible beta release of a site, and I'd
like to hear from others who have done the same. If you've worked on
a site that had a beta phase prior to a redesign or other major
change, how long did the beta last? Was there a predetermined
rationale for keeping the beta going for that length of time, or was
it more a matter of keeping the beta up until the new site was ready
to go?

Rudi O'Meara

San Francisco Office Space

Hi All,

We're a multi-disciplinary branding + product design collective
looking to share a portion of our gorgeous, light-filled studio with
a 2+ person interactive group with serious chops.

Our digs: a 1340 sq. ft. open-plan workspace with double-exposure,
20'+ ceilings, hardwood floors, a shared conference area, open
kitchenette, and roof deck (with picnic table + grill).

Rent: $450/mo. per person including utilities, high-speed internet,
cleaning service, security, storage, etc.

Added bonus: the absolute likelihood of collaboration on projects
with our current and future clients.

5 May 2009 - 12:41pm
7 years ago
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Xinrong Ding

Conducting online survey: how to recuite the right people?

Dear all,

Lately I have setup a survey on surveyMonkey.com
But then I immediately ran into the problem of get response.
It's already a week past, I got only one response.
Can any of you share some insights of promoting online survey? Any

Thanks in advance.

5 May 2009 - 11:44am
Christian Crumlish

The Journal of Information Architecture Issue 1, Volume 1 is out

* apologies for cross-posting (on behalf of Andrea Resmin)

The Journal of Information Architecture inaugural Spring 2009 Issue,
Issue 1, Volume 1, is now available online at http://journalofia.org/.

Table of Contents

Dorte Madsen
Editorial: Shall We Dance?

Gianluca Brugnoli
Connecting the Dots of User Experience

Helena Francke
Towards an Architectural Document Analysis

Andrew Hinton
The Machineries of Context

James Kalbach
On Uncertainty in Information Architecture

Issue 1, Volume 1 is an invited authors only issue and abstracts and
full papers in