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29 Jan 2010 - 1:35pm
6 years ago
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Paul McInerney

History of the undo command FYI

I thought people would enjoy this excerpt from a New York Times

"Our expectations that any action can be taken back have been primed
by a few decades of personal computing, which injected the founding
metaphor of “undoing” into the common consciousness. An early glimmer
of our Age of Undoing appeared in a prescient 1976 research report by
Lance A. Miller and John C.

29 Jan 2010 - 12:32pm
6 years ago
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Jeff Kraemer

Showcase/Portfolio examples

Hi all,

I just came across 37Signals' Sortfolio (http://sortfolio.com/),
which allows users to filter through portfolios.

It reminded me a little of Google's Fast Flip
(http://fastflip.googlelabs.com/), although that interface offers
minimal filtering and meets different user needs.

I'm interested in finding similar interfaces that showcase pages and
allow extensive filtering. Can you think of any more examples? (It'd
be nice if they were as well-executed as Sortfolio, naturally.)


29 Jan 2010 - 12:06pm
Monika Buscher

Invitation to workshop/ Experimental Objects / Lancaster/ 18-19 February 2010



*Experimental Objects*

*18-19 February 2010*

*Venue: Storey Creative Industries Centre, **Meeting House Lane,
Lancaster LA1 1TH*

Pre-programme 17th and 18th, please see


Subject to human manipulation, objects can seem to be expos

29 Jan 2010 - 11:30am
6 years ago
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Neil Cadsawan

Sharing files from iPad to iPad

Does anyone know how you'd share a file created from the new iWork
from one iPad to another person on their iPad? Or from any other app
on one iPad to another person's iPad?

Or, when using iWork, what happens when you save that file and open
it later. Or how you'd grab a chart off of Numbers and drop it in
Keynote. Does that just use the standard copy and paste?

Any out there get their hands on one to play with it yet? I'm
really curious how this works.



29 Jan 2010 - 9:27am
6 years ago
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Miriam Gerver

Well designed e-government web forms -- examples from different countries

Hi all,

I am doing a presentation at a conference this year on e-government
web forms, and would like to include examples of well-designed forms
from different countries. I have some examples, but could use a few

Do any of you have screen shots of e-gov web forms that demonstrate
any of the following?

29 Jan 2010 - 8:47am
Bruno Figueiredo

UX Lx talk submissions close this Sunday, Jan 31

Just a quick reminder for all of you that UX Lx: User Experience
Lisbon talk submissions close this Sunday, January 31st. So if
you're holding onto great research findings, case studies or simply
if you have groundbreaking ideas, don't miss out and submit your
talk before the deadline ends.

UX Lx is 3 day event focused on all topics User Experience and will
take place in the beautifully sunny city of Lisbon, Portugal from May
12 to 14 2010.

29 Jan 2010 - 3:30am
serena cangiano

JOB: scientific collaborator at the Interaction Design Lab of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switerland

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland
(SUPSI) is advertising a job vacancy at the Department of
Environment, Construction and Design (DACD) for the Visual Culture
Lab in Lugano - Trevano SCIENTIFIC COLLABORATOR at full employment

Tasks in the field of research in Interaction Design:
– collaborate with the head of the research in design and technology
to the devel-opment of research activities;
– participate to applied research projects for the development of
fully functioning prototypes;
– provide documentation in order to prepare and prese

29 Jan 2010 - 1:13am
kolipey abhishek

Looking for internship or summer job!

hello everyone,
i am student of computer science and engineering in IIT-Kanpur and
i am a
experienced web designer .i am looking for some
projects,internships,part time jobs for this summer not only for web
designing but also for computer related aspects..........so if any
of you knows any please let me know ..thank you in
advance..........abhishek(prince.abhishek16 at gmail.com)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

28 Jan 2010 - 7:43pm

JOB: Product Manager UE, Plantronics, Santa Cruz, CA

Hi there,

we are looking for someone who has good understanding of both UI and
business. Could even be someone with a background mainly in
Interaction Design ... or Psychology.

28 Jan 2010 - 2:55pm
6 years ago
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Jennifer Gieber

Data to support the ROI of implementing faceted search?

Since click through on search results is based on the quality of the
search and the quality of the results descriptions, I think it would
be hard for anyone to guestimate any KPIs without know the project.

As for case studies, take a look at the book "Search User
Interfaces" by Marti Hearst. It's available online at

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .