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13 Jan 2010 - 12:03am
Joanne Weaver

JOB: NYC: Jr/Mid/Sr level "Sporty IxDs" with sports-background/clients, ASAP (recruiter-JWG)

Hi IxDA'ers,

Short but sweet. Immediate need onsite in NYC. Local NYC candidates only.

Seeking "SPORTY" INTERACTION DESIGNERS at all hands-on, tactical levels
(jr/mid/sr, 2-8 years) for a high-end digital agency known for their
elegant, sophisticated design aesthetic, and have a slew of awards on their
walls to prove it.

FREELANCE or TEMP TO PERM (preferable). Also open to FULLTIME for the right

Candidates should have:

. Experience working with SPORTS clients, and/or have a team sports
background + enthusiasm personally


12 Jan 2010 - 10:32pm
6 years ago
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somebody knows a available graphic design job? I'm desperate....please give me some information's or ideas

I am in America for almost 2 years...and I didn't find yet any job in
graphic design. I'm specialize in this field with a University for 4
years in graphic design. I have six years of experience. Somebody
please help me ....maybe some of you are here for more time than me,
and maybe you now any job in graphic design or illustrator. please
check my portfolio on my profile and I hope somebody can help me with
some suggestions. Thank you for your time

12 Jan 2010 - 6:44pm
6 years ago
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Nasir Barday

Helloooo Austin! Meetup Thurs., Jan 20th at 6pm, Location TBD

People of Austin,

I'm blowing through Austin Thursday, January 20th, and it would be great to
catch local IxD and other design nuts alike. We could call it Interaction
Conference pre-game ahead of the main event in Savannah :-). How about Happy
Hour at a favorite local spot? We could start the fun at 6:00pm.

Please let me know (a) if you are around and (b) suggestions for a place.

See y'all soon,
- Nasir

12 Jan 2010 - 4:27pm
Svetlana Yost

JOB: Information Architect - Walmart.com - Brisbane, CA, USA - Full-time Qualified candidates please email your resume to sasha at walmart.com

Partnering with business owners, program managers, engineering teams
and other user experience counterparts, the IA will work on
initiatives to continually improve our ability to market and sell
Using a customer-focused design approach while understanding and
meeting technical requirements and business goals, Information
Architects determine and own the content structure, navigational
systems, user/process flows and page interaction that comprise the
overall experience on our interactive interfaces.

12 Jan 2010 - 3:51pm
2 years ago
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Jan Benway

looking for examples of tag hierarchies or nested tags

I am looking for examples of web applications or site that use
hierarchical tags or nested tags. For example, I've found that
delicious.com has "tag bundles" which lets the user group related
tags and see all items tagged with anything in that bundle.

Are there other examples you know of that let the user build and use
tags within tags?

12 Jan 2010 - 3:43pm
Tom Keenoy

SurveyGizmo and popups for customer satisfaction survey?

I have not implemented these on a site, but my experience with them as
a user has been very negative. The "Would you like to take a
survey?" dialogue immediately calls to mind every time I've ever
agreed to take a survey in real life, and been promised it would
"only take 2 minutes," and ten minutes later I'm still standing

12 Jan 2010 - 3:11pm
6 years ago
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Web: Modals on a form

What are your thoughts on employing modals on a form.

In addition, should modals be used for inputs that are required for one particular context of the form, whether certain criteria is met? (In which case, the modal would be shown automatically, based on the user's context and input.)

Might it be better to just put the fields inline with the form, but grayed out, depending on the context?

Or better to insert the fields inline, near the UI elements that might trigger the need for those fields to be present?

Any options I might be missing here?


Mike Caskey

12 Jan 2010 - 12:01pm
kim regan

Job Opportunity: Interaction Designer Boulder, Colorado

Wall Street On Demand is looking for experienced Interaction Designers
to join its 30 person design team. Headquartered at the base of the
Rocky Mountains in Boulder, CO, we are a growing organization focused
on the design, development and hosting of financial and media web
sites, tools and reports. We deliver innovative, high quality
products to help our clients and their customers visualize,
manipulate and understand complex information. Our compelling,
presentation-rich solutions have won acclaim for our clients, many of
whom rank at the top of the Forbes and Gomez awards.

12 Jan 2010 - 11:50am
Sachin Ghodke

Sachin Ghodke (sachyn at email.com) wants to connect on LinkedIn


Sachin Ghodke (sachyn at email.com) requested to add you as a connection on LinkedIn:


I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

- Sachin Ghodke (sachyn at email.com)

Accept invitation from Sachin Ghodke (sachyn at em

12 Jan 2010 - 9:31am
Etkin Ciftci

EVENT IxDA Istanbul Feb 19th @ European Side

Hi there,

IxDA-İstanbul, is organizing a meet-up event for it's new
members on 19th of February-Friday at the European side. The event
will begin around 7pm.

Meeting place will be booked upon the number of participants.

RSVP: etkin[at]me[dot]com


Etkin Çiftçi, IxDA İstanbul



IxDA-İstanbul, 19 Şubat, Cuma,19:00'da Avrupa
yakasında "İstanbul'da neler oluyor?"
başlıklı informal bir tanışma
toplantısı düzenliyor.