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31 Oct 2013 - 7:01pm
2 years ago
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Breaking into the UX field - Going to DePaul


I was recently admitted to the HCI master's program at DePaul and would like to get some input from people in the field. I am totally new to UX. I have 10 years of work experience.

30 Oct 2013 - 2:48pm
2 years ago
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How to find and select a design firm

Thanks in part to some of the advice and suggestions from this discussion list, my company is ready to engage a design firm to do some work on one of our web applications. We're looking for UX and visual design. How do y'all recommend finding a firm and evaluating whether they're a good fit for our culture and product?

29 Oct 2013 - 2:23pm
Melanie St.James

Mature UX in University IT/Library groups

Hi, I'm looking for universities with mature UX on the "business" side  (instead of academic side), which will probably be in IT or in Libraries. So far, I found one:

University of Michigan
Library Information Technology: User Experience Department
"Our efforts are focused on interface design (interaction design & visual design), user research, assessment (usability, web use statistics analysis), content strategy, and web accessibility".

Thanks for any pointers.

29 Oct 2013 - 7:01am
2 years ago
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Preston McCauley

Looking for research, articles, case studies before and after on social registration vs non-social account registration


I'm trying to dig up some articles / research on improved registration conversions before implementing quick social registrations (facebook, google, yahoo,etc..) on long forms. If you do have such data would love a link or would love to hear about your personal experience.

In particular I am most interested in registration on sites that require more information than just password, email.



20 Oct 2013 - 10:39pm
2 years ago
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Tony Kim

Prototyping tool for iOS apps

Hi everyone!

What prototyping tool do you use for iOS apps? There are many tools to prototype apps, but I do use image based prototyping tool for initial stage. So, I can save my time to write codes. I used to use POP. It is a very nice tool to implement simple prototypes w/ idea sketch and lo-fi sketches.

15 Oct 2013 - 6:45pm
Gopal T V

Call For Papers: TAMC 2014 @ Chennai, India - April 11 -13, 2014

Call for Papers: 11th Annual Conference on Theory and Applications of
Models of Computation [TAMC 2014]

11th Annual Conference on Theory and Applications of Models of Computation
[TAMC 2014]
11- 13 April 2014
Vivekananda Auditorium, Anna University, Chennai, India

Important Dates:

Submission Deadline: 15 November 2013, 11:59pm EST.
Notification of Acceptance: 15 December 2013
Final Camera Ready Version Due: 15 January 2014


14 Oct 2013 - 6:35am
2 years ago
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Interaction14 update -- Announcement of the full program for Interaction14!

In less than four months, Interaction14 will conquer Amsterdam. We already feel the excitement building up in our community.

Full conference program

The conference features a broad spectrum of talks – everything from “The Interaction Design of the International Space Station” to “What my cat taught me about User Experience.”

13 Oct 2013 - 8:47am
2 years ago
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Any advice for how to transition from UI dev to UX career?

I am at a crossroads in my career. I have been a UI Developer for 15 years and I am a capstone away from graduating with a masters in HCI. Should I look to internships as a way to get into a full time UX position or should I apply for entry level UX positions (as long as I can show related experience)? Internships seem like a great way to get introduced to a company, but I am worried that internships are only for people in their 20s. I am in my late 30s and the clock is ticking.

10 Oct 2013 - 9:43pm
2 years ago
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Visualising the edit in a Wikipedia article

I'm an IEG grantee with the Wikimedia Foundation. I'm working on a project to visualise the edits that have occurred on an article.
10 Oct 2013 - 5:00am

Interested in HTML Prototyping? Start here.

Hi there,

If you're interested in prototyping in HTML (because, you know, it's the way of the future, and you don't want to get left behind), but don't know where to start, I just wrote a post that you should find helpful:

The Four-Minute* (HTML) Prototype

It shows you how to prototype a web page easily and quickly. And the best bit? You don't need any prior knowledge of HTML or CSS.

Hope you enjoy it,