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25 Jan 2010 - 12:22am
5 years ago
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IxDA Board of D...

IxDA Board Retreat & Discussion - we need your input

On Wednesday, February 3, the IxDA Board of Directors will be holding a
day-long retreat prior to Interaction10 in Savannah.

3 Aug 2010 - 4:13am
4 years ago
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Stefan Woelwer

Education Interaction Design

Dear all,

a while ago I started a google map with universities offering interaction design courses in Germany. It would be great if I could ask you for suggestions of related courses in your country: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=111762822334715389586.00048782c862d08f261c6&z=

Many thanks!



27 Oct 2005 - 3:09pm

Job--Contract :: Interaction Designer :: TEAGUE :: Seattle, USA

TITLE:: Interaction Design Contractor


TEAGUE's Product Studio is looking for contract interaction designers,
who will work with our Product Studio team in Seattle for short and
medium-term (2-12 week) projects.

30 Sep 2009 - 9:24am
Jared M. Spool

[PLUG] Webinar on Recruiting Users for Research w/Dana Chisnell

Hello everyone,

I don't often promote our events on this list (figuring you're sick of
hearing from me as it is), but because there's been a nice thread about
paying testing participants, I thought I'd mention today's UIE Virtual

For those of you who <snark>still believe that it's important to get
feedback from your users during the design process</snark>, you might be
wondering how you recruit these folks to be part of your research.

In today's online webinar, Dana Chisnell will be talking about the
recruitment process, from soup to nuts, including some advanced techni

13 May 2009 - 6:56pm
5 years ago
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Melissa Cooper

Mobile Search Models

Hi all,

I've been seriously thinking a lot about mobile search models and am
looking to crowd source interesting examples to check out.

Also, if there are any articles / papers you would recommend on the
topic, that would be great.

At the moment, it is my view to simplify this as much as possible.
I'm considering in the case that a user has multiple search criteria
that they input one and build on that query rather than complex
advanced searches.

15 Jan 2011 - 8:48am
Dave Malouf

What do you think of conference give-aways?

Help the IxD12 committee make some good design decisions. interaction 12 | Dublin is well on its way to being organized and we want to make sure we meet all your expectations. if you can help us with the issue of physical give-aways I'd be greatly appreciative. There is even a question in here for prospective sponsors to let us know what they think.

1st 100 get their opinion considered: http://twtpoll.com/de44ip

-- dave

8 Jan 2009 - 3:28pm
6 years ago
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A Study on how End User's perceive change

Hey guys,
I am planning a study which aims to answer how end user's perceive change.
'Change' here could be upgrading of a software ( e.g. MS word 2003 to MS
word 2007), OS, switching between similar applications (e.g. MS Expression
Web to Dreamweaver) etc. I am currently trying to find similar studies from
backgrounds such as Behavioral Psych, Computer Science, HCI etc.

Has anyone conducted similar studies? Could anyone point me to any
studies/books/papers that could be related to this?

MS-HCI @ Georgia Tech


4 Apr 2007 - 1:34pm
Lisa Kruger

User Experience Architect: Chicago/ Recruiter/Full-Time

Hi Everyone,

I'm thrilled to continue to recruit on behalf of a Marketing and
Design firm specializing in strategic branding, usability, and
information architecture.

Join a team of creative, intelligent and passionate professionals and
enjoy challenging and dynamic work over a long term career with this
unique employer.

30 Apr 2008 - 8:24pm

Design Conscious ... Touch & Feel

But Evan Williams, Dell Australia's general manager of consumer sales
and marketing, said today people were more conscious about the design
of technology products and wanted to "touch and feel" them.

18 Nov 2004 - 8:20pm
10 years ago
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Pradyot Rai

What is Usability, anyway? (was 'User' Business Analyst - apparently)

> Julian_Orr at peoplesoft.com:
> > In my experience you can "engineer" users its more often called "training"
> > and usually costs 3k/week.

> > Then no matter how crap or complex your system is you can alway "engineer"
> > someone to use it. An averagely crap system requires 1-2 weeks training
> > for end users and 3x that for Admins.