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4 Oct 2010 - 5:06pm

JOB: Looking for a ROCKSTAR UX Designer!

Musician's Friend is a musician's dream job.

Where else can you use your skills to excel at a career you love with friendly, dedicated co-workers who share a common bond? Music is what defines our lives here, and the attitudes and ambitions of our employees prove this.

It might sound a little corny, but at Musican's Friend we are in the business of making dreams come true – and everyone here, from the mail clerk to our legendary cowbell-playing CEO, takes that mission very seriously.

28 Aug 2013 - 9:37am

Masters in HCI

Hi. Im doing my final year of engineering (B.Tech, Information Technology) currently and im looking to do a masters degree in HCI in the US (Fall 2014). Ive shortlisted a few universities but im not too sure on how to go about choosing which ones to apply for. I would like to be a user interface designer / usability engineer.

29 Apr 2011 - 4:59pm
3 years ago
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Aspiring UXer, in a unique situation. Need advice!

Hi there,

I'm new to the community, thanks in advance for the welcome :) So I've been out of college since 07, and I'm in a pretty unique situation with my current role and I'd like some advice for how to proceed. 

6 May 2011 - 9:49am
Sam Ladner

Mobile research project: seeking participants and followers!

Hi folks,

Any of you designing for mobile right now and have no research to base it on? We're trying to fill that gap! Here's a brief intro to the project, based at Ryerson University in beautiful Toronto:

Introducing Mobile Work Life

I'm specifically talking to UXers for two reasons:

1. We need participants! Do you live in Ontario? Help us -- $100 incentive!

29 Oct 2010 - 5:40pm

Re: [IxDA] Coming soon: IxDA's new job board, powered by Coroflot

On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 4:46 PM, Joe Sokohl wrote: > We looked at these issues. Really hard. We considered individuals or small > firms doin the quick job announcement.

So what's your revenue projection?

2 Nov 2007 - 12:03am
Janna DeVylder

[Event] Chicago IxDA - Nov. 14th - Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)

If you're in the Chicago-land area, please join us for another event!

When: Wednesday, November 14th

Time: 6:30 - 8:00pm

Topic: Rich Internet Applications
What is the definition of an RIA, and when is a particular solution
considered one? How are RIAs breaking and redefining users' mental models of
web sites and traditional applications? What benefits can interaction teams
be taking advantage of in their designs - and what potential pitfalls should
they be watching out for?

29 Nov 2012 - 9:07pm

Explore the Interaction13 Program

The Interaction13 program is live on the site and now includes the daily schedule. Start planning your conference experience and get excited as we prepare to come together to learn from, be inspired by and connect with interaction designers from all over the world!

2 Jan 2013 - 10:45pm
2 years ago
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Angel Steger

Alternatives to Account Creation

Have any of you seens examples of alternative account creation with the traditional email + password combination? I've heard of just entering an email, but I'm curious how that impacts the flow or how those accounts are managed. 


4 Oct 2010 - 3:20pm
4 years ago
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Any Best Practices for Number of Years documents should be available on a web site?

I'm trying to make some recommendations in order to clean up 15 years worth of documents on a web site. The files are mainly government meeting minutes in word format, which overall is taking up quite the chunk of space. I feel 7 or 8 years would be more then sufficient, but would like to have some best practices or examples to back up what I recommend.
Anyone know of any such documentation or have had to provide similar recommendations?
9 Feb 2010 - 4:05pm
5 years ago
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Jeffrey Sgro

(JOB) Information Architect - San Diego - "Recruiter" - Full Time

Do you want to revolutionize how an industry does business?!?

If so, please consider the following:

We need Usability/Human Factors/User Experience expert to direct our
web presence. We are in the process of bringing a traditionally brick
and mortar industry into the 21st century. As such, we need a problem

That said, we need someone with vision to lead user experience. Our
clients will demand an aesthetically pleasing website, so artistic
flair is a must.