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10 Dec 2007 - 12:25pm
Jessica Carey

JOB - Chair of Graduate Design - Detroit - RitaSue Siegel Resources on behalf of The College for Creative Studies - Full Time (9 months)

Title: Chair of Graduate Design

Organization: College of Creative Studies (CCS)

Reports To: Director of Graduate Studies

Position Summary

CCS seeks candidates for the position of Chair of Graduate Design. This
is a unique opportunity for an interdisciplinary design leader with
expertise in an area of interaction design to shape and lead an
innovative new graduate design program. The position is a nine month

1 Apr 2009 - 2:13am

[local][EVENT] IxDA Berlin April Meeting // Topic: physical Prototyping

IxDA Berlin Meeting April 09
Physical Prototyping

When: 7pm - 9pm Wednesday, April 8 2009
Where: newthinking store GmbH, Tucholskystr. 48, 10117 Berlin

This time we get our hands on prototyping! Marcus Paeschk and Stefan
Hermann that run www.physical-computing.de introduce their approach to
physical prototyping. They'll give an overview on its experimental and
commercial use and speak about the implementation of physical prototypes
within the product design process.

Arjan Haring

[Event] Design for Conversion conference 11th of December 2009 - Amsterdam, NL

Friday the 11th of December DfC will take place in Amsterdam, The

For the third time Chi Nederland (and IxDA Nederland) organize an
international conference on the integration of persuasive design and
advanced analytics. The event, by the name of 'Design for Conversion
~ The Mobile Edition', offers an engaging experience for interaction
designers, marketing managers and conversion professionals.

The 2009 program is shaping up nicely.


Design guidelines for an interactive whiteboard

Hey everyone,

Recently I was asked to help design an interactive whiteboard application for the classroom. it is going to be a playful educative application about the basics of music production. The teacher is going to use it mostly, but the children also have to use it in some cases. One of the core teaching methods is collaboration.

My question is if there are any guidelines how to design such an application? The do's and don'ts? It also would be great if someone knows some good examples.

26 Apr 2012 - 7:21am
3 years ago
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Guidelines for developing for older adults


Does anyone know of guidelines or design patterns specifically aimed at interface design for older adults? Could be for mobile devices, web interfaces or any other kind of device with a visual display.

Thank you!

14 Apr 2004 - 2:28am
11 years ago
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Portfolios (was: Guidance for someone interested inyour field)

Joshua Seiden said:

I'm hiring designers. Thus, I need a
demonstration of design ability, not just speaking
ability. So, to my original point, I want another (or
an additional) tool.

***A well-written, detailed specification certainly demonstrates one's
design ability. Of course, they can't be posted online.


Pabini Gabriel-Petit
Principal & User Experience Architect
Spirit Softworks

23 May 2010 - 11:57am
Wayne Lo

Re: [IxDA] An open letter to the IxDA Community

------Original Message------ From: David Malouf Sender: ixdaor@host.ixda.org To: Wayne Lo ReplyTo: discuss@ixda.org Subject: Re: [IxDA] An open letter to the IxDA Community Sent: May 23, 2010 9:54 AM

Craig, if you have specific issues w/ the site, there is a
getsatisfaction.com site. You can get to there by going to "Help" from the
secondary navigation under discussion.

As for how else you can help.

3 Nov 2006 - 10:21am
Lim, Nam Ee

Apply for User Experience Director position - Cisco

User Experience Director - Cisco

Title: User Experience Director Cisco Systems
Location: Silicon Valley
Salary: $175,000+ base plus generous bonus

Job Description:

The User Experience Architect supports both the tactical and strategic
goals of the Company website, with an emphasis on creating a superior
user experience and improving customer satisfaction. The position will
play a leading role in refining and improving the overall information
architecture, usability and visual design of the website and some
customer facing applications.

17 Aug 2006 - 5:46pm
9 years ago
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Gabriel White

Browser throbbers are broken

Browser throbbers are broken. These spinning, swirling, pulsing
artifacts were a great way of indicating state back when a web page
wasn't loaded until it was loaded, and once it was loaded it didn't
need to load any more.

But the Web 2.0 blah blah has crept up on us, and I suddenly find
myself waiting for pages to load with no indication of state. I
interact with pages, wait for a response, but find myself without any
idea of whether the connection is actually working, or how long it
might take to finish the transaction.

1 Mar 2012 - 11:44am

What are the best introductory / onboarding processes for first time users that you've seen on social media sites?

Can anyone recommend social media sites that do a particularly great job with their first time user introductory / onboarding process?