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27 Apr 2009 - 11:54am
Tom Callaghan

[JOB] UX Designer (Focus: IA & Writing). Seattle. Angry Lapdog Productions

Angry Lapdog Productions* is a very early-stage startup.  We’ve
identified a category of content-  call it “X”-   that is all over the
Web, yet has never been the focus of a Website.

1 Sep 2005 - 1:50pm
Marijke Rijsberman

usability contract work for Intuit intranet

I'm looking for a usability professional for a series of projects related to
the Intuit intranet and internal tools this fall. First project to start
September 12. Intranet experience highly preferred.

Please send me a resume at marijke at interfacility.com.

20 Nov 2006 - 1:24am
Cindy Alvarez

(job) Interaction Designer, Yodlee Bangalore, India

Yodlee builds online banking and financial applications for the biggest and
best in the US financial industry. In the past year, we have launched new
applications for personal financial management, bill payment, funds
transfer, and online account verification. In the past two months, we have
moved over $100 million in transfers, and we are poised to see far bigger
numbers in bill payment transactions over the next 18 months. In short, we
could be the next big thing in banking.

We have a great suite of products, a great client list, and an energetic,
committed team.

1 Sep 2010 - 6:07pm
Joe Ortenzi

Looking for great examples for a booking system

My colleague is looking for great UX examples of a booking system. Any one care to share great appointment booking experiences? perferably ones that allow booking before membership but if you feel like sending scrteengrabs, that's great too!

Appreciate it very much, thanks!


24 Feb 2010 - 10:08am

[JOBS] Dev IxD, Info Designer, Central NJ US, Infragistics, Full-Time

Hi folks,

It's that time again. :) We're expanding our Design team here at
Infragistics with some interesting and challenging spots that call for some
specialization in interaction design that is not standard.

Who is Infragistics <http://www.infragistics.com>? Among other things, we
make Quince <http://quince.infragistics.com/>, a RIA design patterns tool,
which we just updated to enable folks to have their own private libraries
and annotated examples.

9 Sep 2004 - 12:34am
10 years ago
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Eyetrack III

By now you've probably seen the Eyetrack III study:

What We Saw Through Their Eyes
By Steve Outing and Laura Ruel

What do people see when they view a news website or multimedia feature? Is
it what the site's designers expect? ... Perhaps not.

10 Mar 2006 - 4:00pm
Jared M. Spool

Informal Cocktail Hour: DC 3/14 & Philly 3/16

[Sorry for any duplication]

If you find yourself in the Washington DC area on Tuesday evening,
March 14, or the Philadelphia area on Thursday evening, March 16, we
want to invite you to an informal cocktail hour. On both days,
Christine Perfetti and I are in town to present the UIE 2006 Roadshow.
Afterwards, a bunch of us will be gathering just to talk about
usability, information architecture, interaction design, user
experience, and whatever else is on our minds.

12 Nov 2004 - 9:16am
10 years ago
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Narey, Kevin

Workflow software

On the back of our recent postings on use-cases, as an accompaniment to
prototypes, I wondered if anyone uses visual workflow software to support
the communication of highly complex prototypes. Does anything out there
exist in this space? Perhaps it is not possible to produce such a piece of
software as it generalises a variable design opportunity?

Thoughts? Ideas?


gedas united kingdom limited
Registered in England no.

23 Jul 2010 - 11:26am
4 years ago
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Marty DeAngelo

Creating Interactive PDFs - Need help

I've written a usability report that I converted from Word to a PDF (based on limited tools I have to work with), but wanted to add some interactive elements in it -- namely the ability (1) to show larger images and (2) play embedded videos from a link.  Unfortunately, despite the limited tutorials I've found and Adobe's mediocre help content, I haven't been able to figure out how to do it, and was hoping someone else has done something like this.

1 Oct 2007 - 7:31pm
7 years ago
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Call for Participation - CHI2008, in Florence, Italy!


If you think CHI is not for you - think again.

There was a time when CHI bowed to the confines of Academia, leaving
designers and usability practitioners frustrated and alienated. That's
changed, and it has changed in a big way. Since the 2006 conference, the
organizing committee has pushed hard to give practicing creatives a voice in
the programming and structure of the conference.