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6 Feb 2010 - 9:49am
Boston IxDA

[JOB] InContext Design is hiring Interaction Designers in Boston and Chicago

Since 1992 InContext has used its Contextual Design methodology to design
innovative solutions. InContext delivers strategic market characterizations,
personas, new product concepts and design for consumer and business
software, devices and consumer products. We take a holistic view—ensuring
our solutions work for the users, the technology, and our clients’ business

The Contextual Design methodology developed by InContext is a
customer-centered design process taught in universities and used in
companies worldwide.

12 Jul 2004 - 4:57pm
10 years ago
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Remote Control

I have been testing a touch screen remote (Marantz/Phillips) as part of my
research. Of the 100+ people that have done my experiments, only about 10
of them did not find divided attention an issue. They get very absrobed in
the small touch screen and have to be prompted to look at the TV screen to
do part of the task (setting VCR clock via on-screen menu).

However, the remote is very versatile if you have a lot of devices (eg home
theatre), especially high end devices with a lot of options.

15 Feb 2007 - 5:53pm
7 years ago
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Monique Escamilla

Newbie IA with flash questions


I'm a bit of a newbie; I'm still in school, and this is my second time
posting to the group. I'm trying to expand my flash skills, and so am using
flash to design some buttons that will be at the bottom of a homepage I am

When clicked, one button will open a pop-up window. I'm using JavaScript in
my html to create a menu that has no scroll bar, no menu bar, etc.

But back to the point: I don't have much practice incorporating flash files
into my html.

30 May 2008 - 4:31am
Rohit Keluskar

Last Dates – Weekend Workshop on Usability Testing for GUI, Web and Mobile

Dear Friends,

Design Incubator's Weekend Workshop (for Professionals) on *Module UCD 04 -
Usability Testing and Design Inspection Methods *has important dates coming

URL: www.designincubator.com/training_current.htm

Workshop dates are 28th Jun '08 (Sat), 29th Jun '08 (Sun),

5th July '08 (Sat), 6th July '08 (Sun)

Full Fees for this module are 14,000 INR * (inclusive of taxes).
Last Date for registration is 25th June '08.

Early Bird Fees for this Module are 12,000 INR * (inclusive of taxes).
Last date to avail this offer is 11th June '08

Rohit Keluskar

6 Sep 2004 - 11:11pm
Frank Ramirez

FYI: IA Retreat update



There a few spots left for the Future of IA retreat! Plus we've got a
program posted! So check it out, and consider joining us...

clarification: the amount on the registration form is the total for two
nights plus dinner friday, three squares saturday, and break fast and
lunch sunday.

30 Oct 2005 - 12:08pm
Stacy Surla

IA Summit Deadline Extended 11-15

The IA Summit Call for Papers has been extended to November 15.

We are seeking proposals for presentations, case studies, panels,
posters, and pre-conference workshops for the 2006 Information
Architecture Summit. For the first time we have added a peer-reviewed
research session type, and we encourage submissions highlighting IA
research or theory. Go to http://www.iasummit.org/2006/call.htm for
information and to submit.

We welcome submissions from practitioners, academics, and students.

19 Jan 2005 - 3:29pm
10 years ago
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Josh Seiden
20 Aug 2004 - 12:23pm
10 years ago
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Aby Rao

Any more Interaction Design Awards coming up?

Need some advice/suggestions from this group. Few months ago, I sent in
my design for the DIS 2004 Interaction Design Award and couldn't make it
in the final cut. Although I was aware that DIS is a very competitive
conference, I never thought about what I would do with the design if I
don't make it there. Can you think of a competition where I can submit
my design or make better use of it? The design is conceptual in nature
and demonstrates its interactions with the help of flash animation.

23 Sep 2008 - 1:59pm
Josh Seiden

[JOB] Design Communicator (entry-level), NYC, USA; Liquidnet; FT

Liquidnet is looking for an entry-level Design Communicator. Design
Communicators are a unique blend of technical writer, business analyst,
design strategist, and designer. This is a great chance to get started
in User Experience!

For details, see: www.liquidnet.com/cont/workingHere/opportunities.jsp

18 Jan 2009 - 12:13pm
5 years ago
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Adrian Howard

User Experience Stage, Agile 2009: Call for Proposals / Feedback / Requests

Hi folks,

The Agile 2009 Conference will be held August 24-28 2009 in Chicago,
USA. The User Experience stage focuses on the concerns of and practice
of user experience work in Agile projects. You can read the full
details at http://agile2009.agilealliance.org/users

The deadline for submissions is Feb 13th 2009 - yes Friday 13th!

Last year's User Experience stage was great (e.g.