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3 Mar 2005 - 1:05am
Elizabeth Bacon

March LA IxDG F2F

Hallo again,

It's time for the March LA IxDG F2F! More specifically, it's the March 16th,
Los Angeles, California, USA, Interaction Design Group Face-to-Face. It's an
event where we can socialize, network, and debate the meaning of life, I
mean, interaction design.

Please visit http://tinyurl.com/6f5dc for event info. Come one, come all!
RSVP (to me) not required, but always appreciated.


21 Nov 2003 - 1:18pm
Juhan Sonin

RealWorld HF/Design Question

Car blinker light remains on after you shut engine off and leave car.
This was designed by BMW Mini.

Upon returning to my car from a short errand, I notice my right brake
light and turn signals were on (solid light, not blinking). No other
lights were on in or around the car. I got in the car and hit the
brakes to potentially unlock the lights; I thought it could have been a
software error. The lights stayed on. I turned the car engine on and
off: no change, lights still on.

6 May 2010 - 9:33am
Gino Rodrigues

Re: [IxDA] Username vs. Screen Name

Are you asking about the concept or the labeling?

For the concept, there are valuable "identity" consideratinos from social design patterns at http://habitatchronicles.com/2008/10/the-tripartite-identity-pattern/.

For the labeling, I understand "username" as authentication, and "screenname" as display, which despite bound to the same person, must be kept separate for many reasons you can read on that link above.

Good luck!


16 Mar 2009 - 7:20pm
Jenn Anderson

Printing onto Post-its from Excel

I'm doing an affinity diagram exercise, and I want to avoid hand-writing individual observations onto post-its. Does anyone have an Excel spreadsheet template that can help me transfer data onto 3" x 3" post-its that I can output from a laser printer? Thanks!

Jenn Anderson

9 Feb 2009 - 2:33pm
Bobby Morgan

JOB: Java Developer Mobile Devices, Seattle, FILTER, Contract

FILTER is currently working with a world-class downtown Seattle design
agency, seeking a Java developer with mobile or device experience. This
is a three month or longer contract, working closely with developers, UX
designers and PMs, on next-generation mobile products.

Hourly rate negotiable.

29 Oct 2010 - 4:06pm

Software Product Designer - Jaspersoft

Full time software product designer position available at Jaspersoft, a SF SOMA.

You would be able to start contributing immediately to improving the user experience for the most widely used open source business intelligence solution on the planet!

Check out the full job description: http://bit.ly/9VTNvd

19 Sep 2008 - 3:04pm
Nathan Philpot

How do post a new discussion on the ixda.org

Sorry about that, what I meant was, How do post a new discussion on
the ixda.org. If it turns out that I can't, here it is.
I know of a recruiter in Austin, TX looking of IxDs.

28 Jul 2008 - 11:02am
6 years ago
2 replies

Design and Usability Resources You Would be Interested in?

We are a User Experience Design staffing company redesigning our website.
In our redesign we are trying to add resources to our website that design
and usability professional's would be interested in.

A) Can you suggest some resources we should keep our website updated with?

B) Some of the Ideas I would like your opinion on are
-Contribution by people on design and usability jokes and a gift certificate
every month for the best design joke contributed by the community.
-Upcoming UX and Usability Conferences.
-Design Schools.
-User Groups like ixda, UPA, etc
-Latest news in User Experience D

27 Jan 2008 - 12:22am
7 years ago
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Differnce between user interface andinteractiondesign?

> So in that sense they are a truly UI designer.

I dunno, that sounds like a visual designer to me -- which, in my mind, is someone who's able to skillfully adapt the craft of graphic design for an online medium.

20 Jun 2007 - 1:40pm
7 years ago
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Jose Castro

Tangible Interaction

Hey guys,

I am Jose Castro and I work as a co-founder for Creosome (however we are
thinking about changing our name to Tangible Interaction).