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5 Jan 2006 - 1:14pm
Austin Govella

Washington DC event tonight: "User interfaces for physical spaces" recap by DCIA

IxDers in the Washington, DC area:

Tonight I'll be attending the a recap of the recent "User interfaces
for physical spaces" seminar by Maya Design in Pittsburgh. Several
other are IxDers will be there, as well, so you're encouraged to come
out and visit.

The event is being sponsored by DCIA in conjunction with their holdiay

28 Apr 2010 - 5:39pm
5 years ago
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Shilpi Joshi
15 May 2008 - 5:32am

The Rise of Contextual User Interfaces

Stumbled upon this great article on ReadWriteWeb

It talks about the journey from Microsoft's "Throw every imaginable
choice at users at once" to Apple's "liberating movement towards
simplistic, contextual interfaces" and the Web's move to the
Contextual, AJAX-based UIs

Sachendra Yadav

14 Jan 2005 - 11:30am
10 years ago
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Mike Baxter

Quality-Managing IxD (was Decision Trees)

<dave> Iteration is all around us. The question is do we
create a structure for acknowledging it and do we take iteration to a
microlevel. </dave>
Time for a reality check! I've got a couple of jobs live at the moment, to
do with quality-managing the IxD process - what gets signed off, how and by
whom. The tradition of QM seems to me to be hierarchical. Sign off the
business need, move on to concepts. Sign off the concepts and move on to
embodiments etc. This is what I'm struggling with.

3 Nov 2011 - 5:58pm
3 years ago
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Another beginner in need of advice: employment or grad school?


Sorry to write another one of these beginner's advice threads: I know there are a lot of them and I have read a lot of them. I would still like to try to get some advice pertaining to my specific situation, if that's all right.

17 Jan 2008 - 4:44pm
Joy Zigo

NYC-UPA: 1/23 Global Research Case Study -- Nokia Nseries Website

NYC Usability Professionals Association presents:

*Global Research Case Study -- Nokia Nseries Website Development *

Best practices often recommend that global companies create localized
country sites to reflect local language and cultural differences.

10 Aug 2009 - 11:54am
Liz Geddes

[JOB] Sr. BA with UX/UI Background - NYC - 12+ months

Hey All,

Please review the specs below. If you are interested please send me your resume and give me a call at 212-257-6123 if you are interested. It is located in downtown Manhattan. Thanks so much!

-- Liz

Sr. BA with UX/UI -

Objective: This individual will be part of the Enterprise Solutions team in the Ratings Business Solutions group and will provide Business Analysis and UI Design for all Enterprise products and any initiatives that affect those products.

14 Sep 2007 - 11:18am
Max Melchior

when the self-checkout machine pushes you over

Posted above a self-checkout machine at Home Depot in Vancouver, BC:


And my experience with the machine was as terrible as everything described earlier.

31 Jul 2007 - 9:39am
Maria Moratis
13 Jun 2006 - 6:19am
Karen Pascoe

[JOB] User Experience Analyst, NYC, FT

User Experience Analyst / TSS Client Access: User Experience Group
JPMorgan Chase – Treasury and Securities Services

JPMorgan Chase is currently seeking an experienced User Experience Analyst
to support the Client Access Group of Treasury and Securities Services

TSS Client Access is responsible for driving the plans, development, and
execution of Internet initiatives across TSS to create a world-class online
channel that delights our customers, improves efficiency and inter-operation
across the Division, and meets or beats the offerings of our global

The User Exper