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1 Jun 2007 - 9:33am
john payne

JOB :: Full-time Interaction/Graphic Designers @ MOMENT :: NYC

MOMENT has two immediate openings in user experience design.

MOMENT is a design, research, and strategy firm committed to creating new kinds of user experiences that bridge the Web, the desktop, and the mobile device. Being a designer at MOMENT means you work on cutting-edge projects designing interfaces for some of the best known brands in the world (and some that will be).

13 Jun 2006 - 8:05pm
9 years ago
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Simon Asselbergs

inductive user interfaces

Hi All,

I am curious what your latest thoughts are microsofts inductive user interface model?

What are the latest ideas from Microsoft about "newer better" user interface models? (not considering the ribbon stuff)

The inductive user interface was published in 2001 http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dnwui/html/iuiguidelines.asp)


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12 Jan 2010 - 9:31am
Etkin Ciftci

EVENT IxDA Istanbul Feb 19th @ European Side

Hi there,

IxDA-İstanbul, is organizing a meet-up event for it's new
members on 19th of February-Friday at the European side. The event
will begin around 7pm.

Meeting place will be booked upon the number of participants.

RSVP: etkin[at]me[dot]com


Etkin Çiftçi, IxDA İstanbul



IxDA-İstanbul, 19 Şubat, Cuma,19:00'da Avrupa
yakasında "İstanbul'da neler oluyor?"
başlıklı informal bir tanışma
toplantısı düzenliyor.

11 Feb 2008 - 9:45am
7 years ago
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Todd Warfel

Thanks to all at IxDA

I just wanted to thank everyone for coming to the IxDA conference. I
wanted to thank all the extremely talented speakers, those who
tirelessly organized and put on this conference, and all the attendees
who showed up and made this one of the best conferences I've ever been
to. It definitely met my expectations.

I also wanted to thank everyone who attended and participated in my
prototyping workshop.

3 Aug 2004 - 1:23pm
10 years ago
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Schomer, Todd

Users and Groups UI

Hello All,

I am looking for examples of "user and groups" UI.

I have a product where I need to be able to view and assign users and
groups. I'd like to be able to click on a user to view which groups they are
in, and add/remove a group in their list. I would also like to be able to
click on a group and see which users are in it, and add/remove users.

Any examples you could throw my way, would be appreciated. I'd like to come
up with something clever, that isn't too clunky.


23 Feb 2009 - 2:40pm
6 years ago
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Greg Bosque

Questions regarding the use of arrows with navigational flyout menus

Looking to get some feedback on your experiences regarding the use of
fly-out menus within top-level website navigation. Here is a link to a
JPEG file that provides three examples:

1. Linked in
2. New York Magazine
2 Yahoo Travel


Each example uses arrows next to several of the navigation labels to
indicate additional options. However not all act consistently with
some requiring just a simple roll-over while others a physical click.

My questions to the group are:


2 Aug 2005 - 12:38pm
Marcin Wichary

Apple releases a multi-button mouse.

The guys in Cupertino seem to enjoy freezing the hell over and over

21 Apr 2006 - 4:10pm
Marc Escobosa

[Job Post] Interaction Design position @ Arena Solutions (Bay Area)

[Job Posting]

Arena Solutions
Menlo Park, CA (Moving to Foster City, CA on May 1)

Arena Solutions is looking for an outstanding interaction designer with a
passion for creating useful, usable and desirable user experiences for web

As a fundamental part of the design team, the interaction design position
will be responsible for prototyping and developing user interfaces that
allow customers to fully harness the power of Arena PLM, our flagship
product lifecycle management application.

13 Jul 2009 - 6:25pm

Job: Hot Studio New York Principal position available

+ Provide creative direction and leadership on all projects within
the New York office
+ Work collaboratively with the San Francisco leadership team on the
evolution of a common design process and shared level of exceptional

+ Lead and/or attend weekly meetings: Hot all-hands, New York office,
Hot leadership, user experience/visual design, etc.

+ Collaborate with Hot project managers in New York and San Francisco
to help manage projects

+ Represent Hot within the New York design and business communities
and beyond: public speaking, workshops, conference participation,

30 Jan 2006 - 10:11pm
Dave Malouf

Invitation: IxDA European Student Network (IxDESN)


Are you student or young researcher in the field of Interaction Design
(IxD) or Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)?