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24 Sep 2007 - 9:37am
7 years ago
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Christian Crumlish

Early adopter > Early adapter, Flesh out > Flush out, etc.?

> ... But the pickup has been limited to mainly early adapters...

Are we in the midst of another Great Vowel Shift?


25 Sep 2010 - 10:57am
Dan Saffer

Re: [IxDA] Essential IxD Articles and Essays

On Sep 25, 2010, at 2:08 AM, Itamar Medeiros wrote:

> One of my all-time favorites is: > > Kevin Mullet and Darrell Sano, Designing Visual Interfaces [1] >

That's a book, not an article or essay.


21 Dec 2009 - 1:14pm
5 years ago
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Top Ten Reasons Santa is a Great Designer!


Russell Wilson
Vice President of User Experience, CA
Blog: dexodesign.com, uitrends.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/russwilson

5 Feb 2010 - 9:50am
Nina Gilmore

Affinity diagrams with remote participants?

Hi Animesh,
I think I was not entirely clear: we want to do a LIVE session with remote participants, rather than an asynchronous remote session.
Ideally, we'd all work on the same diagram, viewing and modifying simultaneously. To discuss, we'd use a conference call.

It's not so straightforward to find a program that will support this live editing/viewing by multiple users.

7 Sep 2008 - 4:48pm
6 years ago
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amanda lane

chrome license terms and conditions

Hi All, This is something all content creators should be aware of, perhaps you already are?

Excerpt from the Google Chrome Terms & Conditions:

(Basically your 3D models or other content created by you and uploaded through Chrome could become the property of Google!)

11. Content license from you

11.1 You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services.

26 Jan 2006 - 5:05pm
9 years ago
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Oleh Kovalchuke

Interaction design part of the story (Do UX designers suffer from perfectionism?)

> I am just wondering if any of you have ever been accused of suffering
> from perfectionism when you're designing and working on projects.
> Somebody just told me that many usability folks suffer from
> perfectionism and it's their biggest downfall.

I bet that Somebody comes from the business side. Perhaps trickled via
techs but still originating in business.

28 Oct 2004 - 9:17am
10 years ago
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Usability in Financial Services Industry

Hi All,
As part of propogating UX within my organization. I am trying to
understand the maturity of the UX process in the Financial Services
Industry. (Transaction Processing, Banking, Credit e.t.c.)
If other peers working in the Financial Services Industry would like
to share any information about the maturity of the UX process, types
of UX activities pursued within their organization, it will be of
great help.
Please feel free to reply to the group or offline, and I will post the

25 Jun 2010 - 3:46am
5 years ago
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Luca Rosati

Summer schools on UI - UX

Hi all, I'm looking for summer schools on the topic of UI or UX (not limited to the web but embracing also internet of things, home automation) for Italian university students, better if in Europe.

Have you some suggestions?

Thanks in advance Luca

-- Luca Rosati http://pervasiveia.com

16 May 2011 - 3:51pm

User Experience Intern

We at Bestica, nation's leading User Experience Design firm, are rapidly growing and looking to grow by leaps and bounds in year 2011. We thus urgently seek a User Experience Intern who can and be a part of our exciting venture.

We are looking to revamp our Bestica website and make it more clean, crisp and informational. Our goal is also to make our website search friendly and incorporate effective social elements to it, thus providing our clients an efficient way to interact and communicate with us. 

As a UX Intern you will:

6 Jun 2008 - 1:30pm

Friday afternoon Web design tools survey for you!

Hello,My team is running a research project aimed at attracting and keeping
what we consider to be the best Web designers in the industry. Part of this
research is focused on improving the toolset of our design team. To better
address their needs we have created a survey to check the pulse of our
colleagues in the Web design industry.

Would you be willing to take this anonymous survey?