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11 Mar 2009 - 7:28am
Dan Brown

JOB :: Summer Intern :: Washington, DC Area :: EightShapes, LLC :: 3-month contract

Hello! EightShapes, LLC is now accepting applications for our summer
internship program.

Please feel free to forward this announcement to any and all students of
information architecture, interaction design, usability, or other design

Details may be found here: http://eightshapes.com/aboutus/internship2009.php

-- Dan


Dan Brown, Principal • (301) 801-4850
EightShapes, LLC • eightshapes.com
Also at: communicatingdesign.com • greenonions.com

27 Mar 2008 - 2:03pm
7 years ago
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Dustin Lucier D...

GUI for interactive whiteboards

Would anyone be able to point me to any white papers or empirical data on
interactive whiteboard application interfaces? projection based. SMART board,
Pegasus, Mimio Board?

I'm working on Classroom presentation application that ideally can be used on
"various whiteboards" with it's own native tools rather than utilizing each
boards proprietary toolset.

Looking for any literature, information on teacher/board interaction...
toolbar orientation, projection resolution, etc...

Lots to think about and evaluate. I know the UK is ahead of us in the states
with board adoption...

3 Mar 2011 - 8:27pm

(Mobile) Apps Go Global conference -- San Francisco, March 8

Globalizing Mobile Apps

New markets await mobile application UX designers, developers, and project managers, who know how to enter international markets and how to localize their products to meet the needs of customers overseas. Apps go Global is a new 1-day event designed to provide strategic and tactical advice for anyone working on mobile apps to achieve success in global markets.

The event is hosted by The Localization Insitute at Fort Mason, San Franciso, on March 8, 2011.

23 Jul 2010 - 11:26am
4 years ago
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Marty DeAngelo

Creating Interactive PDFs - Need help

I've written a usability report that I converted from Word to a PDF (based on limited tools I have to work with), but wanted to add some interactive elements in it -- namely the ability (1) to show larger images and (2) play embedded videos from a link.  Unfortunately, despite the limited tutorials I've found and Adobe's mediocre help content, I haven't been able to figure out how to do it, and was hoping someone else has done something like this.

26 Jan 2010 - 4:42pm
Jared M. Spool

[Plug] IxDA Discount to Steve Portigal's Interview Questions Webinar

Hi Everyone,

With the recent discussion of asking customers questions for research
(thanks Melissa Casburn!), I wanted to make sure everyone knew about
our upcoming UIE Virtual Seminar on the subject.

WHAT: Deep Dive Interviewing Secrets: Making Sure You Don't Leave
Key Information Behind
WHO: Steve Portigal
WHEN: Thursday, January 28, 1:30pm ET
WHERE: 90-minute online webinar
COST: $129 per connection (pile everyone into a conference room)
WEB SITE: http://www.uie.com/events/virtual_seminars/questions/


26 Apr 2009 - 10:42pm
6 years ago
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IxDA Board of D...

Call for applications for IxDA Board of Directors vacancy

The invitation is now open for inspired, creative and active leaders in our
community to apply for an open position on our IxDA Board of Directors. With
much regret, one of our current IxDA Board members, Jim Leftwich, has
decided to step down. We thank him for his service to the organization and
will miss his presence.

For this particular position, we are looking for someone who has a strong
interest in the communications / PR / marketing needs of IxDA.

26 May 2005 - 5:06pm
9 years ago
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Jay Zipursky

Why hire an ID instead of a software developer?

I'm about to challenge a project team to redefine an open position from
a software developer to an interaction designer. They are currently
looking for a person who can design a GUI and write code -- always a
tough position to fill.

I'm meeting with the team to convince them to go the ID route and not
require coding skills. However, I work in a very engineering-centric
organization where lines of code are *the* basis of productivity. The
team is about to embark on the development of a new version, though, so
the timing is right. Has anyone ever successfully made this case

24 Feb 2004 - 1:33pm
Todd Warfel

IA Summit Dinner on Saturday...

Okay, one last update... I forgot to include the date.

Since most of us will be at the conference before hand, we can meet in
the hotel lobby of the conference. We'll meet there at 7:10pm.
Otherwise, see you at Manuel's.

So far we have a group of 25 people.

29 Jul 2012 - 11:58pm
2 years ago
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Deepak Arasu

Selling Apps for Tribes

Target user groups are tribes. What type of approach to UX design should be taken into consideration to make the application empowering and engaging? This application will need to make them feel comfortable, user friendly and task focused on their day to day business. Any Ideas/experiences are much appreciated.

28 Jan 2009 - 5:17pm

[EVENT] IxDA Helsinki January meetup today, Thu 29th at 18:00

Hello all,

The second IxDA Helsinki meetup will be held tomorrow, thursday Jan
29th 18:00 at the familiar Ravintola Nolla. This time we’ll hook up in
the other end of the restaurant for some more space and projection
At the event Janne Korhonen from Seos will present a point of view on
sustainable design and it’s value. The overall feel of the evening
will still be loose, informal & relaxed.

Last time we had more than 35 people stopping by, looking forward to
top that this time.