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5 Aug 2009 - 8:09am
Nelson Rodrigue...

Revista Faz, interaction design magazine


just wanted to let you know that the third issue of Revista Faz is
available online.

Revista Faz is an interaction design magazine in Spanish directed by
my colleague Marcelo Garrido. This issue is about the second Mexican
HCI workshop, 2008, Baja California.

You can find out more about this and the previous issues at:



Nelson Rodríguez-Peña

31 Oct 2005 - 11:20am
Joy Zigo

NYC-UPA Event Tues 11/15: Blog Usability & Integration

NYC Usability Professionals Association presents:

Blog Usability and Integration: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Speakers: B.L. Ochman, Blog Consultant & Sher Taton, IBM
Moderator: Joan Renner, IBM

Blogs are quickly earning their place as an extraordinary communications
tool. On November 15, NYCUPA will welcome two experienced and prolific
bloggers for a panel discussion about the core issues of blog usability,
design and integration. This will be a departure from our usual format in
that our two bloggers will welcome questions throughout the program.

14 May 2011 - 8:08pm
Troy Gardner

Barely Used GuiMags for sale...or maybe Free to a good home.


GuiMags are clever rapid UI wireframe prototype tools, instead of drawing common elements like buttons, you just stick one of these common UI elements like fields, tabs, buttons etc.  Then use the   dry eraseable magnetic surface to give it a label.

Makes the UI much more consistent than handdrawing AND they can be easily moved around.

They are great if you like whiteboard sessions for IxDA, especially in a team.

More Info http://guimags.com/index.php?p=products_guimags_corporate&nav=nav_guimags

21 Aug 2013 - 4:57am

Copy is design, on Tumblr

Hey all, I'm the co-author of the "Translation is UX" manifesto and related article on ALA. I'm also member of IxDA Lyon (France).

I'm pleased to announce the launch of a new project: CopyIsDesign.com. This Tumblr is meant to illustrate the role copy plays in the user experience, through the sharing of examples of great/bad copy and translated copy.

23 Oct 2007 - 12:21pm
7 years ago
3 replies

Amazon equates interaction design with aerial combat

Just had to share this gem. A few minutes ago, I received one of Amazon's
digital junk mails. Here's a snippet:

"As someone who has purchased or rated books by Alan Cooper, you might like
to know that 'BRAVERY AWARDS FOR AERIAL COMBAT: Stories behind the award of
the CGM (Flying)' will be released on November 1, 2007."

Awesome, thanks Amazon! <Looks around forlornly for the semantic web. Now
where'd we put that thing...?>

Check my blog for a graphic of the actual email from Amazon:


25 Oct 2006 - 9:27am
Jorge Barahona

Usability in Aptrix

We have been any problem to work with Aptrix CMS to make banking portals
applying general usablity and accesibility W3C guides.
Anybody work with Aptrix and solve that problem?
Jorge Barahona Ch.
AyerViernes S.A. (http://www.ayerviernes.com)
design . interaction . user

12 Oct 2012 - 3:13pm
2 years ago
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Amanda Nance

animation patterns for things moving

I'm looking for good examples of an item moving from one place to another and how to make that clear to the user. The specific example is a selected line within a grid; the user will click an "accept" button on that line, and then the item will leave the grid of items to be reviewed and appear in a grid of approved items. Has anyone seen a nice animation that could help make it clear what is happening? 

3 Nov 2005 - 2:03pm
9 years ago
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Any Ixder's working on physical products inthegroup?

In answer to the original question, I am working on the design of some
physical phone related products and am happy to start a dialogue about that.

In terms of the ipod discussion below...I have an ipod and I love it *in
spite* of the interaction which frankly I often find confusing. Very
frequently, I am hitting the menu button at the wrong time instead of select
and I find the term "Menu" which really means "Back" on an iPod (sometimes)
to be very confusing and difficult to use. Having spoke with others, I know
that I am not alone in this observation.

24 Aug 2007 - 7:19pm
7 years ago
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Robert Hoekman, Jr.

What do you love the most?

I thought we could use some positive energy on the list for a moment, so
let's talk about what we love the most about IxD work. Just for fun. :)

As I mentioned in another thread, I absolutely love patterns. Design
patterns, behavioral patterns, patterns of all kinds. I like discovering
them, talking about them, figuring out how and when to apply them, and on
and on.

I also love thinking about *how things work* (I think this is why I'm an IxD
in the first place).

11 Jan 2005 - 8:54am
9 years ago
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Jared M. Spool

What Makes a Design Seem 'Intuitive'?

Hi everyone,

A while back on this list, there was a fascinating discussion about what
makes a design seem intuitive to a user.

I finally had a chance to get my thoughts down on the subject and I've put
it into this article:

Basically, our research has shown that there are two conditions where users
will tell you an interface seems intuitive:

#1: Current Knowledge (the knowledge the user comes to the design with) and
Target Knowledge (the knowledge they need to complete their objective) are