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25 Jan 2008 - 7:52pm
6 years ago
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Demers, Scott

Differnce between user interface and interactiondesign?

Hi, Folks --

I appreciate the responses to my question.

I liked Luis' definition:

"UI designer delivers the interface, the IxD plans it"

I think that would make sense to a .NET developer, who's used to
thinking in terms of "the user interface designer" (which, by the way,
is why I asked the question).


29 Jan 2010 - 8:47am
Bruno Figueiredo

UX Lx talk submissions close this Sunday, Jan 31

Just a quick reminder for all of you that UX Lx: User Experience
Lisbon talk submissions close this Sunday, January 31st. So if
you're holding onto great research findings, case studies or simply
if you have groundbreaking ideas, don't miss out and submit your
talk before the deadline ends.

UX Lx is 3 day event focused on all topics User Experience and will
take place in the beautifully sunny city of Lisbon, Portugal from May
12 to 14 2010.

28 Oct 2004 - 9:17am
9 years ago
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Usability in Financial Services Industry

Hi All,
As part of propogating UX within my organization. I am trying to
understand the maturity of the UX process in the Financial Services
Industry. (Transaction Processing, Banking, Credit e.t.c.)
If other peers working in the Financial Services Industry would like
to share any information about the maturity of the UX process, types
of UX activities pursued within their organization, it will be of
great help.
Please feel free to reply to the group or offline, and I will post the

14 Apr 2010 - 9:18am
4 years ago
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Marek Pawlowski

Deadline for MEX Conference scholarships this Friday

This Friday, 16th April, is the deadline to apply for one of the scholarships to attend the MEX Mobile User Experience Conference & Awards in London on 19th/20th May:


The 7th international MEX Conference brings together 100 of the deepest thinkers in mobile user experience for 2 days of expert learning, new idea creation and networking.

22 Feb 2006 - 5:03pm
Al Selvin

Sketching with PowerPoint? Was: How is MS

I don't know if this is a good solution or not, but I was recently
given a Bluetooth 'i-pen' that can add handwriting/sketching to any
PC. I haven't tried it yet, but it might be more cost-effective than
buying a tablet PC.


From: "Fredrik Ampler" <fredrik.ampler at gmail.com>
Subject: [IxDA Discuss] Sketching with PowerPoint?

21 Jul 2006 - 4:06pm
beth koloski

Software for IA Survey

(apologies for cross-posting)

To gather information for the next edition of "Information Architecture
for the World Wide Web," Lou Rosenfeld and Peter Morville have been
surveying the IA community.

The third survey, "Software for IA," is now open. It consists of five
questions, and we estimate it will take five to ten minutes to complete.

This survey closes on August 1, 2006.

14 May 2012 - 5:46am

Persuading the Product Team that there is too much copy on the site


If anyone out there can help me or has come across a similiar situation..

I need a persuasive argument to back up my claim that there is too much copy on each page of the website (member system) we are putting together. The copywriter is literally explaining all the things that can be done on each page, which, if the navigation and buttons are clear enough, should be self-explanatory! The PD team are treating each page like a brochure, when in fact there is some pretty complex functionality per screen.

30 Sep 2009 - 8:29am
Kedar Nimkar

[hciidc] UI Prototyper Position within The UX group at CA, Hyderabad India

Hi all.....
I am Working in Paperplane as a User Experience Designer.
I wanted some details to pursue Ph.D. in the following areas with Mr. Joshi,

- Human-Computer Interaction
- HCI - Software Engineering Overlap
- Interaction design for Indian needs

I would also like to get in touch with students who are currently doing
their Ph.D from IIT Mumbai for some direction in courses and other details
which i would be able to take up in HCI....
Thanks a lot..
Kedar Nimkar
+91 9820 98 83 99

I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details.

19 Oct 2010 - 4:54am
William Hudson