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2 Nov 2006 - 1:36pm
Michelle DeChen...

CAREER OPPORTUNITY - Microsoft UX Design Lead

:: UX Design Lead - Puget Sound, Washington ::

The UX Design Lead career opportunity is for an internal Design Center and will be responsible for leading a talented team of visual designers to deliver compelling art direction, comprehensive visual identity, and overall design thought-leadership in an area of strategic importance for a suite of online services. You and your team will be the primary interface between (1) the design organization, usability, and editorial leads, (2) product teams, and (3) marketing and branding teams (and their external agencies).

20 Nov 2006 - 5:16pm
9 years ago
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Maren Costa

harnessing technology's potential without being harnessed to technology

Hi All,

Long-time reader, first-time "post-er." Here's my question for all of you:

As interaction designers for the web, we need to at least *understand the capabilities* all of the latest and greatest technologies (e.g., ajax) so that we can use that knowledge to inform our designs and ensure that we are always designing to maximum technological potential.

20 Oct 2006 - 3:19pm
Nancy Falkenburg

Job: Senior Interaction/UI Designer at Intuit, Mountain View, CA (FTE)



JOB LOCATION: Mountain View, CA

JOB TITLE: Senior Interaction/UI Designer (61716 SOMA)



Candidate will have worked as a hands-on UI design practitioner for
desktop and/or web software.

15 Dec 2010 - 7:51am
5 years ago
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Rhonda Ranney

Re: [IxDA] buy zocor

Can anything be done about this? This person needs to be BLOCKED....

Apparently they think designers need a variety of drugs....lol

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11 May 2006 - 9:31am
Susan Dybbs

Conference Announcement: Emergence 06 | Service Design

Conference Announcement: Emergence 06 | Service Design
September 8-10 | Pittsburgh PA

Carnegie Mellon's School of Design is pleased to announce the first
annual Emergence Conference. It will be a transdiciplinary conference
where emergent themes and practices in design are explored and

19 Oct 2010 - 4:13pm
5 years ago
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how do I become employable?

HI all:  I tried posting this question some time ago but got very few responses.  Hopefully this title is catchier!

I'm transitioning from many years of no career in particular, to a developing interest in Interaction Design and Information Architecture.  I'm currently pursing a masters in Library and Information Science. 

Most job postings I've read want at least 3-5 years of experience.  HOW DO I GET THAT??  How do I start to get the experience I need so that eventually I will be attractive to employers?

20 Aug 2011 - 11:27pm
5 years ago
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what is interaction design

Hi everyone,

I know this subject came up before, but I'm still very confused about how to define roles in all this terminology of UX UI IA etc.

All I want is to find a job with my skills, and often times I'm intimidated with the terminology. So my skillset is Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, some HTML, CSS, and some AS3, could I be a UI designer?

I've designed websites in the days of dreamweaver, and I have designed my own wordpress site recently, so I do get by with some web dev coding although it's not my edge. I am mostly visual and conceptual.

18 Jan 2010 - 1:01am

[Event] IxDA Seattle Happy Hour

Starts: Tuesday January 19, 2010, 06:00PM
Ends: Tuesday January 19, 2010, 08:00PM
Event Type: Networking/Meetup
Pike Brewing co.
1415 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98101 US

Only a few weeks left until the IxDA 10 conference - it’s is a great
time to get together and meet fellow Interaction Designers, UX
designers, Information Architects, UX Researchers, and everybody else
who has an interest in interactive products and design.

21 Feb 2010 - 12:51pm
6 years ago
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making the business case for data visualization

Kinda ixd-related, kinda-not. I've had an easy time pitching data
visualization for art/design projects, but I'm making my first attempt
at pitching it in a business as an area of research.

The problem is to make the case for doing visualizations of public
information past the spreadsheet/bar graph level. For example, twitter
analysis of client-related keywords relative to verbs like "fail" or
"return" or proper nouns like names of competing products.

30 Aug 2007 - 9:11pm
9 years ago
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Dan Saffer

Wanted: VPs of Design

From BusinessWeek:


"Today more companies are welcoming designers to the executive level.
"There's been a big change in the number of VPs of design compared
with just three years ago," says Peter Lawrence, director of the
Boston-based Corporate Design Foundation.