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21 Nov 2006 - 9:06am
9 years ago
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Soo Basu

Fwd: search results display

This may be a stupid question but it leaves me stumped!

Why does google (and other search engines) display the url under each search
result? I mean, it's already hyperlinked to the search result title, right?
Why spend extra line space for each result? Does it help the user to know
the url of the page he may go to?
Any answers?


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28 May 2010 - 9:42am
5 years ago
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Mabel Ney

Memory example (Soldiers on a plane)

I am looking for an example of cognitive interuption in which a person is shown an image, then a blank screen and an image that has somethign missing. Jared showed one at the Web App Masters Tour with soldiers getting onto a plane. Can ayone point me to an example?


Mabel Ney

Principal Interaction Designer

IDEXX Laboratories

11 Oct 2004 - 2:13pm
Jamie Divine

Re: 3D desktop replacement

Also check out Sun's Project Looking Glass:



27 Sep 2005 - 2:59pm
David Polinchock

Vending Machine Designers

We have a client who is looking to create a ³limited² edition vending
machine for a potential series of events starting on February Œ06. If
there¹s anyone on the list with this kind if experience, would you drop me
an e-mail? Also, if you have any portfolios online that would be helpful
for us to review, that would be great! Thanks in advance for any help.

David B.

IxDA Interactio...

Interaction Awards - Why Are There Fees for Entry?

Since the launch of the Interaction Awards last week, a few people have asked us why there are fees for entry, and where all of that money goes. The answer is simple: the entry fees are in place to fund the Awards program itself, and to create a new platform within IxDA for recognizing tangible examples of design excellence.

The scope of the Interaction Awards is ambitious. The impact of our growing field is wide and diverse, and it is our mission to reach beyond our community to demonstrate the value of interaction design within the global economy. Creating this conversation on an international scale requires commitment, logistics, infrastructure, and, well, travel. It’s these things, and hopefully a lot more, that your entry fees will support.

28 Jun 2010 - 3:45am
5 years ago
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Siew Mee

Academic paper or case study of video based online communities?


Would appreciate if anyone can point out any research or case study that focuses on building a video based online community. I am interested in papers that discuss, both the business model and usability aspects of it.

Any pointers is appreciated.


-siew mee

16 Jun 2009 - 9:41pm
6 years ago
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Shuan Lo

Looking for great concept videos


I'm exploring the use of concept videos in communicating product and
user experience concepts to executives and product stakeholders.

There was this series of concept video that I saw somewhere on the
Internet about a year or two before. Unfortunately, I can't quite
remember the details of it.

There were about five short video clips. Each clip narrated a usage
scenario. They featured real actors but with their face masked by a
white oval. The product concept was related to smart homes and green

If you know what I'm talking about, please let me know.

15 Nov 2009 - 4:46pm
Erico Fernandes...


I'm coordinating a post-graduate in User-Centered Design with the Universidade
Positivo <http://www.up.edu.br/ingles/> in Curitiba.
The course brings the experience of designers and engineers of
professionals / researchers from Curitiba and brings a professional discuss
for the area of interaction design and user experience.
The path chosen is the user-centered design, the same used by renowned
companies such as IDEO, CESAR, Apple, Intel, IBM, Nokia, Ad

13 May 2010 - 8:16pm
5 years ago
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Audrey Crane

Marty Cagan's "Open Letter to the Design Community"

Wonder if people have seen or have responses to this? http://www.svpg.com/an-open-letter-to-the-design-community/

My summary of his article:

13 May 2008 - 6:24pm
7 years ago
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Louis Rosenfeld

Luke Wroblewski's "Web Form Design" book is now available

(apologies for cross-posting)

Hi all; "Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks" by Luke Wroblewski
is now on sale. You can order it from either Rosenfeld Media or from